Mesh boot up problem

  seagulls 12:52 18 Sep 2006

I have a Mesh Matrix 3200 running XP Home. On Saturday when I tried to log on to Windows, for a brief moment (Too brief to read the screen) a blue screen appeared before the pc tried to restart. This continues to happen everytime I try and log on. I have tried to start in safe mode but get as far as being asked to boot from one of the following:

SM-Sony DVD-Rom DDU1612

Whichever I select, I am then told to reboot and select the proper boot device.

I rang Mesh software support line on Saturday and was told this appeared to be a hardware problem. Rang Mesh this morning and have been waiting for 4 hours for an engineer to call me back.

This is the third similar problem with this pc. First time it happened I was advised to reinstall Windows from the recovery disc. Second time (March 05) I had to post the pc back to Mesh. Their service activity report said there was no HDD detected or BIOS installed due to corrupted system files. They moved the HDD to Promise Controller (Performance) and remastered Win XP. Machine had been ok since then.

Only other problem I have noticed recently is that pc is taking several minutes to boot. For at least one minute there is a blank black screen with just a single flashing cursor.

Can anyone suggest what the problem may be? I have a 3 year on site warranty and I really do not want to have to send the pc back to Mesh but am unsure whether I should stand my ground and ask them to send an engineer to me if this may not be a hardware problem.

  phil46 13:11 18 Sep 2006

Sounds like a virus if you can't get into safe mode then you will have todo a complete system reinstall via the recovery disk or what ever Mesh use to recover the system.

  seagulls 15:59 18 Sep 2006

Thanks phil46. Spoken to Mesh, do not think it is a virus. Have to return pc to Mesh as they need to re-build the array and cannot do this without a floppy drive (do not have one on my pc). Makes you wonder what the point is in paying for an on site warranty!!!!

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