Merry Christmas one and all

  PurplePenny 21:39 21 Dec 2005

I know I'm a tad early but last year I waited until Christmas Day and then forgot!

Many thanks to FE and the PCA team for keeping us going through thick and thin; and to my fellow forumites for being a nice bunch of people.

Merry Christmas everyone.

(P.S. FE: next time you pass the Zimbabwe Bird cross to the other side of the road and knock on the window right on the corner of the building. You never know, it might even be me that looks up wondering who the madman at the window is.)

  Forum Editor 22:46 21 Dec 2005

Happy Christmas to you, too, and our thanks for your helpful forum presence throughout the year.

The corner window - right, got that.

  mco 23:21 21 Dec 2005

Thanks to everyone for their help to me;I'm learning that people don't look down on you if you ask apparently basic questions, and I'm also learning , with pleasure, that little by little I can start to help people too. The true spirit of the internet.

  Taran 00:23 22 Dec 2005

Wishing you all you wish yourself for Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year in 2006.

Ditto to the rest of the Forum members, and a special thanks to our Forum Editor for yet another busy year.

I've said it beforeb but it can stand repeating: I don't know where he gets the time never mind the inclination to wrestle with the PCA forums, but hats off for him for doing so and long may it continue.

And finally, let's not forget those behind the scenes of the site and magazine. Well done to all for another successful year.

Best regards,


  Forum Editor 00:31 22 Dec 2005

We have just entered our sixth year online.......where did five years go?

  Taran 00:33 22 Dec 2005

It seems like only yesterday when you were China and a laptop was up for grabs to the most prolific poster...

Happy days ;o)

  geoff47 00:08 23 Dec 2005

And so many thanks for the consideration and thought that goes into this Forum from ALL its members,and especially from the particular ones that have been patient with me....
(Did I start something with the Zimbabwe Bird ?)

  Forum Editor 00:12 23 Dec 2005

Actually, the first 'up for grabs' prize was a PC - and I received that. The laptop came next, and the winner of that machine is alive and well, and regularly posting to this day.

  Revi 08:45 23 Dec 2005

Merry Christmas to all the forum members! This forum is full with fine people whom I would like to thank very much for their kind help. The list would be rather longish to name everybody. My special thanks goes to the FE and especially to Taran who has helped me out time and again with such concrete, step by step and lucid instructions, and spared so much of his valuable time to go the pains of almost writing full chapters in order to help me out. Great forum and great members, all the best for a Happy 2006!

  ade.h 14:58 23 Dec 2005

I'm reticent to ask what a Zimbabwe Bird might be!

  PurplePenny 15:43 23 Dec 2005

"I'm reticent to ask what a Zimbabwe Bird might be!"

Sorry! I was continuing a theme from another thread. Said bird is a national emblem of Zimbabwe: click here

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