Merging partitions

  bruno 19:12 01 May 2004

I have a 60 Gb drive which is partitioned at the moment.I would prefer it not to be,as I have a second 20Gb one.If I use "merge" on Partition Magic,what happens?Do I loose anything,and what happens to the two different drive letters?Any help will be welcome.

  zanwalk 20:05 01 May 2004

No you should not lose anything, however, any data/settings that you value should be backed up before starting, as they should be anyway, because there are no guarantees when you start moving data around.

The partition that you merge will become a folder in the partition that it is merged into, and, all being well, all the data should be intact. But don't take any chances!

  woodchip 20:19 01 May 2004

You will not lose anything if you use Partition Magic or Acronis. It will be tricky if you have a lot of info on the drive that you need to get rid of as you will have to put it on C:\ before you alter the partitions or you can do it a bit at a time until you have it all on the drive partition by shuffling it

  SANTOS7 20:29 01 May 2004

Merge Partitions Wizard

The Merge Partitions wizard helps you merge two adjacent FAT, FAT32, NTFS partitions. You can merge FAT and FAT32 partitions with each other, and you can merge an NTFS partition with another NTFS partition. You cannot merge FAT/FAT32 partition with an NTFS partition. You choose two partitions, and one will be expanded to include the second. The contents of the second partition are added as a folder inside the first partition.
PowerQuest recommends that you run DriveMapper to update drive letter references after you merge partitions. The wizard will prompt you to run DriveMapper automatically.

Copyright © 1994-2002 PowerQuest Corporation. All rights reserved.

  bruno 20:32 01 May 2004

Thank you both.At the moment I do not have enough space on "C"to transfer much across.That is why I wondered if Merge would do it all for me.Otherwise,I will have to make C bigger.Will the stuff I transfer from "E" automatically be renamed "C".

  bruno 20:38 01 May 2004

Thank you Santos,you must have come in before I refreshed.

  Simsy 20:44 01 May 2004

what you are proposing to do...

I THINK that what you are saying is that you currently have 2 "drives" as far as Windows is concerned, "C" and "D", but only 1 HDD installed, and what you want to do is install a 2nd HDD, so that it becomes the "D" and the original HDD become just "C"

If I have understood you correctly the best thing to do would be to rhings in this order...

Install the 2nd HDD. This will then become the "D" drive and the previous "D", (i.e. the 2nd partition on the original drive) will become "E"

Copy all your data from the "E" to the "D"

Then use "Partition Magic", or similar, to merge the "C" and "E"

If my understanding of what you are trying to do is incorrect then please disregard all the above! Also, if your operating system is XP then my explanation of the drive letter movements may not be correct... I know that XP can handle drive letters differently, but I don't know how. The advice I have given is good for 98se.

I hope this helps.... apologies if it doesn't!



  woodchip 21:19 01 May 2004

If you have programs on the Partition that you intend to remove and they depend on the CD-ROM you would be better removing these from Add Remove then reinstall after you have made one partition as it takes a lot of editing of ini files and regedit to make them work on the C:\ drive

  bruno 23:29 01 May 2004

I am back!I merged C and E,It took a long while and appeared to succeed until I rebooted at the finish and everything appeared just as it was before I started.Reading up a little makes me think it did not work because I had 98se on the c drive as well as xp pro(I may be wrong on this,as I am no expert.Up till a couple of years ago I had 98se on a 20 Gb drive.I bought a 60 Gb drive and an engineer installed XP pro on my 20 Gb drive and put my 98se O/S onto the 69Gb drive.I have had the choice of dual booting since then.Of course,I realised that he had done them the opposite way to what I wanted after he had gone.About a year ago I partitioned the big drive as I was running out of space on the other.I did this in 98se and it called them C&E,but when I use XP they are called C&G.I decided to get rid of 98 last week and do a clean reinstall.I did something wrong somewhere as it has become obvious that I must have installed over the top of 98.Now I have repartitioned the 60Gb drive in equal halves and I am going to try to transfer the data from E to C manually.Thank you all for your help.

  bruno 23:32 01 May 2004

Thanks,Woodchip.I am going to follow your suggestion.

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