Merging HTML documents together

  tbh72 11:24 08 Jul 2003

Is it possible to merge html documents together. The content of my website fit's into a formatted table, instead of copying the entire page, eg navigation, headers, copyright etc. can I just create plain html pages which will merge with the website's main page layout..... I think I've seen this done on a much smaller / dynamic style for news flashes or daily notices?

Reading the code, it appeared to be achieved in it's basic format using a single line of HTML which basically called the extra HTML document from the server.

For the professionals out there, your probably thinking ASP as a more suitable option, but really it needs to be done in HTML.

Thanks in advance for help you can offer

  tbh72 11:51 08 Jul 2003

Just a quick update - I have just created two seperate HTML document's using FP2000, the first is a series of table's and cells, the second is simple table to hold the content of a page. Using the FP Menu I have just used the insert / file command to place the content page within a cell on the table in the main page..... All it has done is added the HTML code from the content page to the required area, this appear's to have achieved what I have wanted.... It can't be this simple!! Can it??

  AshW 17:23 08 Jul 2003

I'm not sure of the exact step-by-step method, but I use it at CNCSeries...

Basically you make a .shtml file with the header, menu, table etc and place it in, for example /ssi/main/main.shtml.

You'd then use the following to include it:

<!--#include virtual="/ssi/main/main.shtml"-->

What we have is the top (header), menu, and bottom. The top and header go at the top, then you follow with the content, then finish with the bottom.

Hope that helps slightly, though I can only modify our SSI pages and not create from scratch...

  tbh72 11:56 09 Jul 2003

Between AshW above & the lovely Lowes Cleaning Services website, I have managed to find "A Way" to merge pages using Frontpage 2000..... Does anyone want to sell their FP2002? *Wink's*!!!

It's not the way I've previously seen, and will require that I use the WEB Feature of FP.

So I will tick as resolved, but I'm still open to suggestions about an easier / simplier "Non Integrated" way of doing this.

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