Merging 2 pictures

  Lady Lara 19:55 01 Aug 2006

I really need help..... I have got 2 pictures which need merging. Basically Picture 1 needs to be merged onto Picture 2 so it looks authentic.

background........ I recently climbed Kilimanjaro in aid of charity but when we got the banner back my individual sponsor was missing and we flew a few days later with insufficient time to change the banner.

I have tried photoshop but as a novice with this type of software I am losing patience.

I now need to post a picture to my sponsor and thus need your help.

Picture 1 - click here

Picture 2 - click here

Thank You

  sean-278262 20:19 01 Aug 2006

MS paint and where in the photo is the sponsor to go?

  Lady Lara 20:22 01 Aug 2006

See the big banner we are holding. In the bottom center there is a black rectangle..... There would be ideal. Failing that anywhere on the banner would suffice.

Tried MSPaint and it I am just awful at this kind of thing!

  GaT7 20:29 01 Aug 2006

It took me 20 secs to do this click here using a free program called (click here).

Within, copy paste 1st picture from your link into it, then copy paste the other on top of the 1st & move to position (I chose bottom right). Finally, save it & your done! G

  GaT7 20:33 01 Aug 2006

Give it a go.

If you have problems, send me a message (clicking on the little yellow envelope next to my username), & I'll send you a copy of the altered picture in an email. I'll place the missing banner exactly where you want it. G

  sean-278262 20:40 01 Aug 2006
  hssutton 20:43 01 Aug 2006

Super photo, would loved to have been with you, unfortunately I only managed the bottom few feet earlier this year.

Your problem is probably due to two different file formats. See if this is ok, if so download it or email me the full size images and I will put the logo where-ever you want click here


  pompyx 20:46 01 Aug 2006

How about this

  Lady Lara 20:46 01 Aug 2006

Creature of the Night.

Thanks .. spot on with the position but may need to blend it in a little more....

Thanks so far

  cycoze 20:56 01 Aug 2006

open both images in photoshop, first the logo select all and copy, you can then minimise it, now on the main photo duplicate it, from here you can change the channels so you end up with a two tone image, select the area your going to pop the logo then save that as a displacement map, once saved reset the channels.

Now create a new blank layer, click on edit then on paste, you will now have your logo on the main image.

You can now drag, resize and rotate the logo to the point and size you require ( biggest problem is where to put it on that image) , now go to filters>distort>displace, you can now use the newly created displacement map on the logo, once done you will want to play with the layers blending modes until it looks right, perhaps use a bit of dodge and burn.

You should end up with something like this click here

  cycoze 21:01 01 Aug 2006

Make that click here

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