Merge/join two A4 pdf images into one A3

  Picklefactory 11:53 31 Aug 2009

Hello folks
It's not something I need to do normally, just a one off, but I want to scan and send an A3 drawing, in colour, to a supplier. (The colour in this case is important as it highlights certain features, and that has been done manually). Sounds simple, but we only have A4 colour scanners here, or a large scanner up to A0, but that is only monochrome. I've scanned the drawing in two halves on my A4 scanner, but is there a way of neatly joining the two halves together to make one A3 size file?
As mentioned, it's only a one off, so not really interested in spending money :o)
Any ideas?

  Pineman100 12:10 31 Aug 2009

Firstly, in order to do what you want, I wouldn't scan the two halves of the image as PDF's. I'd make them jpegs or tiffs. And make sure you leave a small overlap of image on the joining edges, if you can. If you can't do that, then it might be better to create three overlapping files, rather than two.

That should enable the sections to be stitched together in any decent image editing program.

Or you might find it easier to use a specialist panorama creation program to do the stitching. For a free one click here

  Picklefactory 12:26 31 Aug 2009

Sorry, should have mentioned, I have scanned them as tiffs, but wanted to send them as pdf, rubbish explanation, as usual.
I'm just messing about with the two images in MS Publisher as we speak, for some reason it hasn't scaled the two halves the same, but I'm twiddling. If I fail miserably at this, I'll move on to your click here. I've never used Publisher, so knife and forking it.
Thanks for the suggestion.

  Picklefactory 12:46 31 Aug 2009

I've managed a moderately reasonable attempt, but it's very clunky and not brilliant. I'm just d/loading from your link and I'll give that a go now and see if I have more success.

  Picklefactory 13:41 31 Aug 2009

No joy there either
Panorama looks a nice, simple bit of kit, but unfortunately it couldn't find any matching features to join. It's a technical line drawing, so maybe it needs features that are bigger and bolder.
Oh well, back to the drawing board.

  Terry Brown 14:02 31 Aug 2009

If it needs to be professional Quality, I suggest taking the two A4 pictures to a lithograph operator and paying to get a digtal image.

This will cost about £15, but the time saved in your business will offset this and it should be claimable against tax.

  Picklefactory 14:27 31 Aug 2009

It's not critical, and I want to get it done today, I think I'll just bugger about with Publisher. I don't think I'll find many places open on a bank holiday.

  Pineman100 17:12 31 Aug 2009

OK, you're working with tiffs, which is fine, although two A4 size tiff images are together going to make a pretty large file. I hope your system is powerful enough to handle it without problems.

But I think you're using the wrong software. Publisher is a DTP program, and this type of software rarely has the image manipulation capabilities of an image editor or a panormam stitching program.

If Panorama can't find reference points to stitch, are you sure that you have some element of overlap between your sections of the image? If there's the slightest line of missing information at the two joining edges, a stitching program is unlikely to work.

See whether this is any help: click here

  Pineman100 17:39 31 Aug 2009

OK - I've been poking around one or two free download sites, and I've found a free progam that appears to be exactly what you need.

I haven't trid it myself, but see what you think: click here

  Picklefactory 07:57 01 Sep 2009

Thanks for that.
I eventually managed a passable, but not great, document via Publisher. I know it's not the right man for the job, but best I could manage at short notice. I'm just checking out your last link, I'll try the same thing again and post back with results. It does indeed, sound like exactly what I'm after.

  Picklefactory 08:32 01 Sep 2009

No better I'm afraid. It looked exactly what I needed, very simple to use and obviously intended to what I'm after, but threw the pieces together all twisted and rubbish. I tried both importing my original saved images to join, and also using it's own scanning sytem, both results were very poor. It appears as if there isn't enough or the right kind of detail in my drawings for these softwares to pick up clearly.
Never mind, it was worth a go, I don't have any more time to spend on it and will stick with what I have, but thank you very much for your time and trouble. I really thought that one would do it.
I'll tick as resolved.

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