Merge recovery partition.

  radi8or 14:54 21 Mar 2012

Hi all,

My son has given me a Sony Vaio FS515B laptop running XP to sort out, complaining about running out of disc space, after doing the usual clean up and cutting system restore down a bit, have recovered some space but not a lot.

After some searching found out if I make a restore disk kit (Sony recommended) I could retrieve some disk space from the recovery partition (D).

Made the disc, and in Disc Management I now have three partitions, a partition containg the recovery data (7GB), the normal C drive (37GB) and the D drive (30GB).

On the D drive is a folder containing two sub folders one is titled AMD64 the other i386, both contain 7 files which have something to do with MS XPS document writer.

My question, at last, is can I delete/save this folder and merge the D partition with the C as the recovery data is now on a smaller partition.

Sorry if I have rambled.:0))

Thanks Bob

  johndrew 16:17 21 Mar 2012

The AMD64 file is for the CPU and the i386 file is for the XP OEM installation. Both files are essential if you need to reinstall/recover XP on the laptop; there may also be other "hidden" files in the partition.

If you do delete the partition to make more room you must ensure you have all this data stored safely on a bootable CD as you will not be able to restore from the partition as would be the usual action; read the included laptop manual for details.

  Diemmess 16:21 21 Mar 2012

I think you already have more than enough on C: ..... D: drive can be a repository for data.

Music and pictures if downloaded with the enthusiasm of younger people will mop up gigabytes of disk space. So much so that introducing a lot of work and reconfiguration with less than say 10gb is probably not worthwhile.

Far better to move all such data files to an external HD or even good quality DVDs for archiving.

Keep a folder or two in your present arrangement while working on, or merely opening young active files and take the rest away from your laptop.

  radi8or 16:28 21 Mar 2012

Hi John,

Thanks for response, will do a bit more searching see what I come up with.

Thanks again Bob.

  radi8or 16:41 21 Mar 2012


IF, I can merge the two drives, D into C, it will give me an extra 30GB.

Most of the stuff on this laptop seems to be to do with his job, transport manager for Warburtons, has a separate personal laptop for photos and music etc.

Cheers Bob

  Diemmess 17:26 21 Mar 2012


"Assumptions can get you into trouble"...... I admit to feeling that son meant a hormonal teenager! 'Should know better when two of my own grandsons hold responsible jobs.

Yes, 30G is worth having, check Johndrew' points, but for long term safety please move important data away or make regular backups to an external archive. I use version 10 of Achronis.

  radi8or 18:06 21 Mar 2012

"Assumptions can get you into trouble"

Been there, done that :0))

Warning heeded, thanks both.

  robin_x 20:55 21 Mar 2012

I'd say this will probably be alright:

If your partitions from left to right in WDM are 7GB, C: and D:

Shrink D: to say 500MB or 1GB more than the two folders left in it. (to allow some working space when needed)

Move D: to the extreme right of the disk space.

So you have 7GB, C:, Unallocated, D:

Extend/Resize C: to fill the Unallocated space upto D:.

You'll have to use another utility to do those operations because WDM is limited.

Partition Wizard or Easeus Partition Master will do.

Right click any partition for options.


If you have made DVD backup copy of Recovery as well, also clone the discs. So you have an extra set. Imgburn, for example, can do that.

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