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  StephenPattenden 19:06 30 Mar 2006

It may help somebody to know that it only appears possible to use an Excel Spreadsheet as a Mail Merge data source from WORKSHEET "Sheet1" of the spreadsheet, "Sheet2", 3. 4 etc do not work and a RENAMED workshee (eg "List1") does not work either even if it is the first worksheet.

Not knowing this gem of unintuitive software can waste one a significant amount of time.

Does anybody know of any other nasties like this when merging.


  VoG II 19:08 30 Mar 2006

Have a read of this click here

  StephenPattenden 19:17 30 Mar 2006

Thank you VoG,

But does it tell you that if you rename the WORKSHEET from Sheet1 to something else the merge process will not recognise the worksheet as a valid source.

Or is there a workaround?

  Simsy 22:15 30 Mar 2006

That's not my experience...

I have an Excel Spreadsheet as a database of names and addresses... It is the only sheet in the workbook and the sheet is named ""AddressAndPhone"

It works perfectly OK as a source for mailmerge inot a Word document.

Office 2000 is the version I'm using.



  Taff™ 22:58 30 Mar 2006

Try saving the file and closing it , then open the Word document using Method 2 (DDE Link) - I assume you`ve ticked the option in Word Options to "Confirm File conversion on Open" under the General Tab.

By the way, Don`t "Hide" any columns or "Group" them and hide them - Even I can`t get that to work!

  StephenPattenden 07:25 31 Mar 2006

I am wondering if this a version issue. My memory is that it worked fine with any worksheet name in 97 and I think 2000 but I'm using 2003 and MS changed the interface quite a bit with the 2000 - 2003 upgrade.

Anyone have any experience with version 2003

  VoG II 07:43 31 Mar 2006

Skimming through click here suggests that this should not be an issue with Office 2003.

  StephenPattenden 08:24 31 Mar 2006

Taff has the solution - set Word Options to "Confirm File conversion on Open" under the General Tab. (Not that this appears in MS help that I found.)

Thanks all/

  Simsy 11:17 31 Mar 2006

In Word 2000 I DON'T have the option;

"Confirm File conversion on Open"

as one of the options, but I do have;

"Confirm conversion on Open"

Which is, I presume, the same option? I DO NOT have this ticked and, as I say, it works for me. Perhaps there is more to it than having this option ticked, and doing so has made it work for you for some "indirect" reason?

Anyway, I'm glad it's working for you now!



  Taff™ 07:24 01 Apr 2006

You`re right - it does give you more options including selecting the sheet or print area. Your sheet is normally the first in the book I suggest and you`re right - I was going from memory!

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