Merge 2 SATA HDDs WITHOUT Data Loss? (Win XP)

  Tinkey Winkey 19:43 04 Sep 2009

I diveded my primary SATA HDD into two partions C: & E: when I first setup my PC.

I use E: as a place to store all my work but it is now full.

I'm wondering if I can merge E: back into a single C: partition AND still keep the work/data, as there is plenty of room left on my C: drive.

i.e. I will still be able to access the work which was on E: but it will now be on the C:

I am looking at using either Partition Magic or a free prog called Parted Magic? Will either of these allow me to merge the disk AND keep the data?

Is the free one just as good as Partition Magic?

  woodchip 19:57 04 Sep 2009

Playing with FIRE

  Tinkey Winkey 20:02 04 Sep 2009

I have all the E: data backed up onto an external drive.

But it will take a loooong time to transfer 500GB back onto the newly merged C: + E: drives.

Was wondering if I could just merge them and keep the E: Data merged onto C: thus saving me some time?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:02 04 Sep 2009

leave E alone and just put new work / data into a folder on C:

  woodchip 20:03 04 Sep 2009

Only way I would try what you want to do is with bought software like what I use.

Acronis True Image to create Backup Images of both Partitions or the complete drive.
And Acronis Disc Director Suit 10 to mess with the Partitions

click here

click here

  Tinkey Winkey 20:03 04 Sep 2009

Woodchip, have you had bad experiences using Partitioning software?

  GaT7 21:05 04 Sep 2009

Try the free EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition click here. Instructions for each operation can be found on clicking the links under 'Main Features'.

As long as you're fully backed-up, then it's safe to use this kind of software. While they work flawlessly most of the time, none of them are fail-proof, so never take a chance.

I've had great success using partition software in the past - mostly Paragon, but all their free offers seem to have expired atm. I've never paid for partitioning software, always using one or other of the free offers that pop-up from time to time. G

  woodchip 22:35 04 Sep 2009

None with the above

  Zeppelyn 22:37 04 Sep 2009

If you have Vista then dont let Partition Magic anywhere near it, it was developed pre Vista and the results could be disastrous. Trust me I been there but like you I had my data backed up.

  Tinkey Winkey 07:54 05 Sep 2009

Okay, gonna read up on these programs, particually Acronis. In the meantime I'll just create and add to "Backup Folder" on C.

Thanks for your replies everyone.
Always good to hear your views before I do something stupid!

Especially glad to see Woodchip & Fruitbat still helping people here after many years :) Respect!

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