At the mercy of the webmaster!

  Revi 06:13 29 May 2004

Sorry to get back on a resolved issue (see earlier string with the same name). When my webmaster had already transferred my domain name I checked on WhoIs and found that there was a mistake in the new phone number given. So I reverted to my webmaster and asked him to correct my phone number and he uploaded the correction too. Now what I do not understand is that after the registration of my domain name had already been transferred to my ownership how come my webmaster could still upload changes in the registration particulars? Is it not natural that any further changes in the address should come only from me and not from the previous owner? How to stop this from happening again? If I have to get any confirmation that I am the rightful owner of my domain name from whom do I get it?

  Revi 08:05 29 May 2004

Thanks. It is a dot com address!

  Falkyrn 09:08 29 May 2004

It's nothing to worry about the full transfer can take some time (in my experience anything from 5 to 14 working days)

As has been said by Taran and FE in your other thread the response by your webmaster would appear to be very positive towards your requests as a client.

  Taran 14:12 29 May 2004

If your name and details appear on the Whois database then you are listed as that sites rightful owner.

Your designer seems to be responding positively to your requests at every turn and a mistake in your telephone number that has been speedily rectified indicates a certain willingness to play the game by your rules.

As Forum Editor pointed out in your other thread a great many people prefer not to have their name on display to the world and if the site is used for business at all you have a legal obligation to have your details as the registrant on public view. It is often just quicker and more convenient to regsiter domains and hosting as a designer on behalf of people than it is to put everything in an individual clients name.

I can understand your concern up to a point but the fact remains that you asked for changes to be made and they were - very promptly too. It would seem that you have little reason to doubt your situation.

You could keep a check on the domain name and hosting yourself, and make sure that as and when the renewal dates approach nothing changes on the ownership front.

Personally I think it appears that you are worrying unnecessarily in this case.

  Forum Editor 19:10 29 May 2004

that the word 'owner' is not the one that applies when it comes to domain names. Nobody 'owns' a domain name - when you register a name you own the legal right to publish a web site with the name as its url for the period of the registration - normally two years. At the end of that period you (or the person whose name appears as the administrative contact) will be invited to renew the registration for a further two-year period. If the registration payment isn't made the name goes back into the pool of available names, and may be registered by anyone. There are certain exceptions to this rule, but they relate to 'household names' like Hoover and Microsoft etc., and we needn't bother us here.

For the reason I've given above it's very important to be able to trust anyone who registers a name on your behalf. You want to be sure that you will be aware of the expiration of the registration, and that you pay the renewal fee - or someone else does it on your behalf. Ideally you want a document of registration that clearly shows you as being the person in whose name the domain name is registered. Nominet UK send such a document to anyone who is registered with them.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the not-for-profit body responsible for accrediting domain name registrars, requires all domain name providers to make your contact information publicly available.The ICANN accredited registrar for the .com top level is Verisign Global Registry Services, through whom all .com registrations must pass.

Many people do not wish their personal details to be published for all to see, so they use a third party as an intervening layer of administration, although they are still, registered with the top level registrar as the name 'owner'.

As has already been said - your web designer appears to be very helpful in changing information when requested, and this must be an encouraging sign. If you are still not satisfied why don't you ask him/her to send you a written confirmation that the name is indeed registered to you?

  Revi 10:21 30 May 2004

Thanks once again for all the good info I have received, it is a wonderful forum!

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