Mercury nVidia nforce2 motherboards Ultra 400 chip

  mags65 14:07 24 Apr 2005

Mercury nVidia nforce2 motherboards Ultra 400 chipset.

Does anyone have any experience of these boards. Are they any good and what kind of price would you expect to pay for one?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 14:15 24 Apr 2005

but if it's using the nforce2 chip it must be a fairly old design - my asus motherboard has the nforce2 chipset and thats over two years old.

  Pooke100 14:25 24 Apr 2005

I have the MSI k7n2 delta2 platinum with nforce2 ultra 400. I am running an athlon XP 3200+. Your board will not support higher than the Athlon XP with a 400fsb.

Don't know about boards but I have seen K8 form factor and indeed nforce4 chipset in some descriptions.
So it is an oldish board like mine. But if your working to a budget it's fine, the MSI board is a good one to use.

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  mags65 14:26 24 Apr 2005

My friend had a comp built independantly (before I realised that I could build them myself) and it is the mercury motherboard with the ultra 400 chipset, 400mhz fsb (I would have thought 800fsb would be better) Is this a cheap motherboard? and should she have gotten better for her £600.
Also I can't find a memory match for these MB's in the crucial site. Anyone know why?

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:10 24 Apr 2005

"I would have thought 800fsb would be better"

No AMD desktop processor supports an fsb faster than 200MHz, 400MHz effective with DDR enabled. This does not hold them back though. Fit the Mercury motherboard with an Athlon XP 3200+ and you will not be disappointed by the performance.

  Pooke100 15:56 24 Apr 2005

what all did she get for her £600? The board is priced at around £50 to £60 as are most board of that spec.

My machine is four months old, I have 1 gig of DDR RAM, K7N2 nforce2 chipset (above), athlon xp 3200+,dvd rewriter+dvd rom, floppy drive, colors it 550w PSU, 128mb geforce 5700le graphics. Gigabyte 3d rocket cooler, tv + fm card, 160gb diamondmax HDD, Lian Li case, 17inch tft, media speakers and MS wireless keyboard ~ mouse. XP home, nero reloaded 6 (retail) and MS works suite 2005. All in £900.

My point is you can't judge a computer by just it's motherboard.

  mags65 15:57 24 Apr 2005

this particular MB says it takes AMD K7 not AMD XP does this matter or can you still fit AMD XP processor.

  Pooke100 16:10 24 Apr 2005

whats the model number I am not sure if Im looking at the right one, You should be able to fit an athlon XP anyhow.

  mags65 19:33 24 Apr 2005

As far as I know this is what she got for the money.
MB as above
512mb ram
AMD K7 processor (not sure of speed)
DVD RW (which has been causing crashes apparently)
CD rom
no graphics or sound card these are integrated
TFT 17in monitor

Oh and I think she actually paid in the region of £700 upwards.

Is this value for money or a bit pricey for an independant build. I don't really have any experience of buying computers from anyone other than a large store except the one I recently built myself which has more for less money.

  Pooke100 20:34 24 Apr 2005

who built it? I wouldn't touch them.

No it's not value for money from what you've said.

I'd name and shame those responsible!

  Totally-braindead 23:36 24 Apr 2005

Unless the 17" TFT is a really expensive one I can't consider this good value for money. Did your friend at least get a full copy of Windows XP?

As an example I built a cheap PC for a friend about a month ago it was a Sempron 2200, integrated sound and graphics, 80 gig hard drive, 256mb Ram, new case, new floppy, full copy of Windows XP (OEM) and used his existing cdwriter, keyboard mouse and monitor. Total cost £240 I think it was. Taking what you friend got, add on keyboard, mouse, DVD, CDROM extra for RAM and a slightly larger hard drive and a cheap 17" TFT I reckon it should have been about £520 ish. But thats not including any other software and any fee for building it presuming whoever built this charges for his time as well as making money from the components.

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