wcjlkt 23:30 05 Jun 2005

Norton Antivirus!? please advise.

  powerless 23:36 05 Jun 2005

Please provide alot more info please!

  Pooke 23:39 05 Jun 2005

This is the second post with the same title......

tick one of them as resolved and explain further what you need help with.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:41 05 Jun 2005

Use AVG free which costs de nada and is excellent...and used by many on this here


  Pooke 23:48 05 Jun 2005

if it's a recommendation you're after........

Gandalf is spot on, I ditched Norton in favour of AVG free and Zone Alarm. If it's something else you need help with let us know.......


  DieSse 23:58 05 Jun 2005

Norton Antivirus!? please advise.

My advice - don't use it.

The fastest and the best NOD32 click here new version also protects against Adware and Spyware

Free 30 day trial. Annual subscription. subscription includes version as well as vius pattern updates (unlike NAV)

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