MEPIS linux bt dsl connection

  mawkyjoe 11:41 01 Jan 2005

help I have a dual boot set-up.My BT dsl broadband
works fine with WIN ME,slow usb, and voyager 205 router.linux Install was pretty easy but can't get dsl connection ,seems beyond me as yet.should this setup be rescognised by linux(mepis).I am thinking of getting fast usb and/or ethernet nic
which is the best route to go?
also problem in use of my 'root' password.I can access most areas but get bombed out on the Internet connection areas.
any advice and links would be welcome as I am an (old) newbie to pc's and linux.
thanks joe

  LinuxPenguin 17:15 01 Jan 2005

first of all create a new account for use on linux, NEVER use root where possible.

secondly, yes, you want to use ethernet 10/100

linux will not support adsl/cable modems, only routers which may need more configuration...

  mawkyjoe 22:42 01 Jan 2005

thanks linuxpenguin
fitted nic card,reinstalled in windows and connection is now much faster.
I am using new id and password for "root".I just didn't want to confuse people,anyway I realized I needed to start a new session as "root" to get into the areas i wanted to configure.(At least that seems to have been that problem)
I'm still not there yet but I think a bit more surfing reading and beer and a lot more head scratching will see me ok
thanks again joe

  dth 22:27 02 Jan 2005

Your adsl network connection should work fine for Linux (it is just usb modems that usually cause problems).

What distribution of Linux are you using?

  mawkyjoe 22:39 02 Jan 2005

finally got there
started session with my root password,went to control centre,Network options,,went to eth0, eth0 config screen,
selected dhcp,applied it,went to status,selected
Io ip down start Io, selected eth0 stop eth0
bobs your uncle
but now I have to find out what all that lot actually means
ho well more head scratching
hope this mite help other newbys a might.
thanks to linuxpenguin for your interest .

  mawkyjoe 22:51 02 Jan 2005

thanks dth I had just got it up and running
took me ten mins to type in previous response
then saw your's.
I'm sure to need your input again I'll be looking to get sounds working and then printer etc but it's all a learning curve .I just hope the geriatric curve doesn't win out.

  dth 12:34 03 Jan 2005

Joe - Well done. The internet connection and graphic card are usually the most difficult - so you are well on your way now.....

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