blackpat 08:36 19 May 2004

My menu bar with all my logos ect is normally on the bottom of my screen, for some reason, it is now running up the lefthand side of my screen, this has happened before, but I can't for the life of me remember what I did to rectify it.Must be getting old lol. Any help please,

  Rigga 08:43 19 May 2004

Right click on the menu and make sure that lock taskbar is not checked.

Then just left click the menu, hold down the mouse button, and move your mouse towards the bottom of the screen.

It should then snap to the bottom. Release the left mouse button. The right click and make sure that lock taskbar is checked.

  blackpat 09:23 19 May 2004

Hi Rigga, I tried right clicking on where the menu is, but lock task bar doesn't appear, just a load of other stuff

  Rigga 09:40 19 May 2004

maybe I misunderstood.. what menu bar are you talking about? I thought you mean't the taskbar that contains the start button..

If not.. what menu bar is it you're using?

  Pesala 12:14 19 May 2004

In Windows ME, you right-click the taskbar, select properties, advanced, and check "Enable moving and resizing." Then to move it, you just click on a balnk area, and drag it with the left mouse.

  blackpat 07:09 20 May 2004

Thanks both for your help, I managed to do it in the end, Thanks again

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