Mentor Broadband Router?

  Effie 11:52 11 Apr 2004

We have been using this router for nearly one year now. Unfortunately the router has been playing up of late and we have had to do a lot of resets even after upgrading firmware.

Our setup is Broadband 600k and 3 PCs'; 98,98SE and XP. Have ICS running on all PCs' so dont think that this is the cause of our problems.

Anyone else having similar problems with this router??

  anon1 12:10 11 Apr 2004

Why have you got ICS running? If you are using a router you do not need ics at all.

  Effie 12:59 11 Apr 2004

Why I used ICS? Ran ICS to onfigure XP PC. Did not have NetBEUI on XP at the time.

  whatchamacallit 03:07 12 Apr 2004

Hi Effie
I found this on another forum, hope it helps you
it`s not good news, looks like you are not alone.

thanks for the links I have found on this page, I've downloaded the (rather annonymous sounding) 'fr4' file and the ibr400+ update I found as the fist hit on a google search for that router.

I purchased a Mentor 4-port adsl router a few months ago (cheap but not significantly so). What the hell is up with this company ? They seem to have appeared from nowhere 3 years ago, produced 50 billion of the same unit, then dissappeared without a trace - not a single webpage devoted to them, they have left nothing but a small army of disgruntled consumers.

Does anyone know of a single good reliable place to get some support for these awful products (mine currently crashes about once an hour) I am loath to install the updates since I am sure they will either permanently crash the unit or make no difference - either way I'm dissapointed.

If anybody knows of a good resource please let me know.

  tolls-pete 16:11 12 Oct 2004

Should be getting broadband enabled this week. In anticipation, I bought a Mentor modem/firewall/4 port router last week. Had a look at the set up at the weekend and it seemed to me that it was prone to locking up. I fixed this by unplugging it and plugging it back in. The one I've got has an Alcatel chip.

If it's as crap as you say, maybe I should take it back??

Any tips on the set up?


  hillybilly 16:43 12 Oct 2004

This is where Mentor come from

click here

Just enter the website and then click on the download tab across the top for any up dates.

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