MEMTEST 86, anyone farmiliar with it?

  square eyes 23:55 25 Mar 2003

I suspect i may have problems with memory and have been using this program, but have never finished the test as i don't know how long it goes on for.
I once let it run for 6.5 hours and showed 16 passes and 11 errors and time of termination.
I ran the test ona friends brandnew computer, with half the ram and after the same amount of time, it showed 21 passes and 0 errors.
Somebody mentioned removing the ram and re-seating it a couple of times, so i did, ran the test again and this time let it run for 10 hours, at this point there were 24 passes and 0 errors!

Now im confused, i may have fixed it but want to run the test properly.
How many passes should it reach before it finishes?
The readme file says there are 11 tests and also find it a bit convaluted.

Be grateful for any replies.

My PC specs are:
Windows XP Asus A7V333, 512mb ddr ram, Radeon 9000 pro 64mb, 2100 Athlon processor, Audigy soundblaster 5.1, and I use a TFT Monitor.

  powerless 01:28 26 Mar 2003

Whats the suspected memory problem?

  User-312386 08:32 26 Mar 2003

to be honest with you Memtest is very complex

why do you think you have a memory problem?

how much Ram is installed? if it is 256mb i would add at least another 128mb


  square eyes 22:10 26 Mar 2003

Its a long story but if you dont mind reading a thread then please click here

I dont know what the problem is, but when the test reached 16 passes & 11 errors i took a photo of it, Shall i send it to you?


  square eyes 15:21 27 Mar 2003


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 15:25 27 Mar 2003

I used this and it found errors even when pc was workin ok ,i used it cos i saw it in a thread not cos i needed to and i had lots of errors and passes but pc still works good ,so what can you say.

  powerless 15:26 27 Mar 2003

Replace the memory.

  powerless 15:27 27 Mar 2003

If your having problems.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 15:32 27 Mar 2003

P.S, the test is looped so it keeps going on an on for as long as you let it i read you thread and there could be lots of causes for the probs and if it under warrenty send it back and let them worry bout it.I would say XP memery hungry so the more the better.

  square eyes 17:38 27 Mar 2003

I received my new ram today (128mb)
Swaped it for the 512mb, it seems to take for ever to boot (naturaly) but some of the programs dont load and sometimes get a Manual configuration error, sorry for inconvenience ect.
Is this because i dont have enough ram or is it something else?
Before i send in my 512mb stick i wanted to ask
"Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË", if the test loops round, at what point does it loop? how do i know when it has finished all the tests?
As i mentioned, after re-seating it i wasn't getting errors. There seems little point in sending in the stick if Memtest is not finding problems.
I know the saying "if its not broke, dont fix it",but the reason im persuing it is because i sometimes get stuttery graphics, this goes after disabling Sygate firewall but often returns for some reason. Also screensavers interupt games on occasions.

Im anxious to know about the Memtest though.

Much appreaciated

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 21:43 27 Mar 2003

There should be a read me file telling you the tests it runs and the last test ect , so i suppose after it run that .


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