Memory........How Much?

  Cesar 11:13 01 Jun 2003

for speeding up your computer more memory is reccommended. Most modern computer can take 1GB, there is a certain point where adding more memory is overkill, but what is that point?

  Lú-tzé 11:50 01 Jun 2003

Depends on your OS.

Some say stick with 512 mb max for Win98.

Win 2k / XP benefits from 1GB.

Mostly it will depend on what you are doing with the pc - graphics / video editing needs more than, say, web browsing, emailing, office applications (well, except for databases) and so forth.

  barrie_g 11:54 01 Jun 2003

you should find that 512 is more than enough for the normal games player (ie you dont want to run the game at 1600x1200 with everyting set to max) or unless you want to edit video, I play SOF II at 1024x768 with every thing set on high and never use more than 370mb ram.

  barrie_g 11:56 01 Jun 2003

I should say thats running XP home and Ti4200 gfx card, P4 2.53

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