Memory.dmp file Microsoft Windows 2000 5.00.2195

  twiggy-delilah 22:22 05 Jul 2003

I recently installed a sound card to my pc which runs on Microsoft Windows 2000 5.00.2195. The PC itself is an x86 family 6 model 3 stepping 4. AT/AT compatible with 97,844kb RAM.

Roughly since this time, when trying to shut down my PC, I am getting a black screen with a lessage saying "STOP dumping physical memory to disk" and a count-up to 100 then the PC attempts to restart but stops halfway through and needs to be turned off.

I now have a 100mb file called C:\windows\memory.dmp and don't know what it is or what I should do with it.

I did a scan disk and de-fragmented the drive today to see if that cleared it, but although it did temporarily, it has since returned.

Any ideas any one?

  sil_ver 22:54 05 Jul 2003

I'm not techie enough to answer so have a trawl thru' this lot. click here I assume you've got plenty of disk space.

  jazzypop 00:41 06 Jul 2003

The memory.dmp files can be safely deleted - they are intended for use by highly-skilled technicians, to assist in identifying the cause of a crash, or Stop error message. See click here for how to change your setup, so that smaller dump files (or no dump files) are created.

The fix above does not prevent the Stop error messages, just the behaviour of the PC when it encounters a significant problem.

I suggest that you download the latest Service Packs for W2k, and the latest drivers for your sound card.

If the errors persist after this, check your Event Viewer logs for likely causes.

If you need any more help with fixing the cause of the sound card causing Stop messages / errors, I suggest that you start a new thread, with a title that is more appropriate to your sound card issues.

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