Memory for XP SP3 [32 bit]

  howard64 19:14 22 Jun 2009

Did SP3 sort out the problem with XP 32 bit being not very good at using above 3GB ram? I see that a lot of pcs seem to be supplied with 4GB. I am about to build a replacement for a friend and do not want to put 4GB in if it will slow the pc down. Thanks in advance.

  OTT_Buzzard 19:28 22 Jun 2009

Afraid not. It's nothing to do with the service pack release or any other updates; it's to do with the core way in which it is programmed.

A 32 bit release of *any* operating system will only ever recognise ~3.5GB RAM. To use more you need a 64 bit operating system.

  MAT ALAN 19:29 22 Jun 2009

It won't slow it down it just won't recognise it there was no solution in SP3 for more than 3gigs using 32bit....
unless your video editing 2gigs is more than enough for XP...

  OTT_Buzzard 19:30 22 Jun 2009

Note: 4GB RAM will not slow the PC down, it's just some of it is not likely to be used! It's generally more economic to put in 4GB than it is 3GB and frequently a good idea, especially if you are using onboard graphics.

  MAT ALAN 19:33 22 Jun 2009

It's generally more economic to put in 4GB than it is 3GB..

how does that work then? if ya don't need it don't buy it...

  howard64 19:40 22 Jun 2009

Thanks all I had not seen any info lately so this clears it up for me. I can see from advertised prices that it is actually cheaper these days to put in 4GB ddr2 than it is to get 2 x 1GB and 2 x 512MB.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:58 22 Jun 2009

Unless your friend is going to run very memory intensive programs 2GB of ram is plenty to ensure good performance with Windows XP SP3 32bit. If the PC will be used for gaming, use the money saved to fund a better graphics card, perhaps.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:01 22 Jun 2009

Another point after reading your last post. Don't fit a single ram module. Fit two or four to take advantage of dual-channel operation to improve performance.

  howard64 20:28 22 Jun 2009

thanks Mr Mistoffelees it is just going to be a simple workhorse nothing intensive so 2GB is probably sufficient. Thanks again to all.

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