Memory use puzzle

  Cabochon 21:08 13 Feb 2006

I installed a memory gauge widget and have found that my `resting` memory usage varies from 47% to over 80%, with my internet connection disabled, and was wondering whether I should be concerned about this.
It can be sitting there untouched for 15 minutes and still be showing close to 80%sometimes.
I don`t understand why the `performance` graph in administrative tools is showing memory usage, processor usage etc close to zero when the gauge is showing say 65%.
Athlon 1000 Mhz Win XP Pro/Pack 2, something like 380 mb ram (256 +120 on graphics card)

  Cabochon 21:13 13 Feb 2006

Me again - having posted the above message and logging out, I noticed the gauge showing 41% - the lowest ever by 6%. Should I be even more suspicious? :)

  DieSse 22:20 13 Feb 2006

Watever you are doing (even if you are doing nothing) - Windows is doing plenty - and Windows also attempts to make maximum/best use of your available memory.

There are just loads of processes which are always running , and maybe more that you have set running in the background when you installed them eg AVs, firewalls, camera software, messengers, etc etc.

256Mb RAM for WindowsXP is not very much (512Mb is much better) - and so you might expect useage to show as quite high most of the time.

IMHO it's nothing to worry over, as long as your system has not suddenly degraded in performance.

Best things to do - upgrade RAM to 512MB - cut down running programs to the minimum you need.

  Cabochon 19:15 14 Feb 2006

guess i can stop worrying I`ve been zombied :)

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