Memory Usage abnormally high

  Geord 12:30 28 May 2005

I am having frequent problems with the amount of time things take to load on my PC, both in terms of web pages, games etc.

I have monitored the PC memory usage, and it is consistently over 90% even when I close down a lot of apps. With 256 Mb memory I am advised that this should not be the case.

I have run anti virus scans (Zone Alarm), cleared out the start up apps to ensure things aren't running that shouldn't be and can't think of anything else I can do to reduce the memory use.

I run Win OS Me, and have AMD Athlon 1000 Mhz processor.

Can anyone advise roughly what a standard memory use % should be based on the 256 Mb I have - I appreciate this will depend on what is running, I'm just looking for a rough idea.

Can anyone also advise why mine may appear to be so high, and what I can do to reduce it - I'm hoping that if i can resolve this my PC performance will improve.

Don't know if it means anything but the tower unit makes noise (in addition to the usual fan)giving the impression that things are running that I'm not expecting.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


  Joe R 12:34 28 May 2005


can't comment on the other hardware, but if you can stomach it, adding another 256Mb stick, and reformatting your system, would give you a good boost.

  Joe R 12:39 28 May 2005


Another suggestion would be, to create a small partition, (2Gb or so), and change your swapfile onto this partition, with a minimum and maximum size both of 1024Mb. Don't add anything to this partition, and defrag regularly.

This applies, if you up your ram to 512Mb.

  Alan H E 12:40 28 May 2005

Try a defrag. also is it integrated graphics or separate card? Run spybot s & d & adaware.

  Geord 13:25 28 May 2005

Joe R,

Thanks, I'll add another stick and see what happens. When you say reformat the system, does that mean defrag?

Can you clarify what you mean by swapfile - I've no idea what that is I'm afraid let alone how to create a new partition to put it on. I'm not very technically minded I'm afraid!

Alan E

I have run Spybot and adaware, and that hasn't turned anything up, and did a defrag about a month ago

It's a Nvidia 5700 card, but I've just recently put this in and had the problem beforehand so shouldn't think that it's that.

Thanks both for your suggestions

  Joe R 13:30 28 May 2005


I mean using fdisk, to arrange your hard drive, so you can add another partition, and a full format, and re-install of your operating system.

This link will tell you more. This is only viable, if you have a windows cd or recovery disk.

click here

  Alan H E 13:49 28 May 2005

When you say you have Zone Alarm is this for AV as well as firewall? Also look at Task Manager & see if anything unexpected is running.

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