Memory usage

  hazelnut 20:14 28 Feb 2003

Can anyone give me any tips on reducing memory usage. The resource meter keeps warning me that i have 90% GDI usage and in danger of a freeze. I have started to scan photo's into a scrapbook and suspect this is the cause of my problem, i would like to continue with this program, can i reduce memory usage elsewhere ?
I have 256mb of memory, the maximum for the motherboard on my computer, o/s is windows 98 s/e

  Pesala 20:51 28 Feb 2003

Irfan View is only 1 Mbyte. If all you want to do is scan images, it will work fine. That should leave more memory for the images. You can even load several copies at once.

  hazelnut 09:38 01 Mar 2003

Thanks for the reply. Where does one obtain Irfan ?

  Pesala 10:41 01 Mar 2003

Download is 822K. You can download the plug-ins (3.4 Mb) later if you decide you like Irfan View.

click here

It is not a photo-editing program, just a graphics viewer on steroids. Scan, cut, copy, crop, rotate, flip, convert, zoom, slideshow, adjust colours, add effects, but don't expect painting and cloning tools too. After all the entire program only takes 6 Mbyte of hard disk space.

  hazelnut 13:38 01 Mar 2003

Thank you once again for the reply. I have looked at the Irfan View site, but it dosent look much different to the programs supplied with my Lexmark multifunction printer, also M.G.I photo suite 8, which was supplied with it.
My problem is lack of available memory ! even though I had 256mb of RAM. Have you any idea how to check which programs are running, and which are using the memory ? The warnings suggest closing some to freeup memory !

  Pesala 14:21 01 Mar 2003

Free System Resources System User GDI

With Irfan View (no file) 84% 84% 95%

With Irfan + 58 Mbyte file 84% 84% 95%

With Irfan and Epson Scan 72% 72% 89%

With Irfan and scanned image 77% 77% 90%

With Corel Photopaint 78% 78% 92%

With same 58Mbyte file 78% 78% 91%

Irfan View is clearly less demanding on system resources. It has to be. The executable file is only 432 Kbytes compared to 9,196 Kbytes for Corel Photopaint.

It seems like you have some program hogging memory and sysem resources. It could be the scanner driver, and you have the scrapbook application open too, but as you see that is no problem on my system.

I use Windows ME, and my PC has a bit more physical memory than yours, but only 352 Mbytes.

You could try closing programs one at a time and see what happens to the resources.

Ctrl Alter Delete will show you which programs are running. You may have to wait for someone more expert to diagnose the problem, but if you can post precise, but concise information about the programs you have running it may help.

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