Is memory upgrade worth it?

  thewasp 16:29 21 Jun 2007

My PC is running an amd athlon 2600+ with windows xp and 512mb of RAM and seems quite fast but would there be much advantage in upgrading the memory? I tend to do fairly undemanding taks like sound editing, surfing etc. I can go up to 2gb.

  [email protected] 16:32 21 Jun 2007

save your cash,you wouldnt see ay noticeable difference

  Technotiger 16:32 21 Jun 2007

I have 2Gb RAM, much better/faster than 512Mb RAM.
I say, go for it ........

  Chris the Ancient 16:34 21 Jun 2007

I went from 512 to 1Gb. Great increase in speed and well worth it. Upgrading memory is about the easiest speed increase you can make.

Go for it. You'll see a difference.

  [email protected] 16:39 21 Jun 2007

i must be the odd one out?
I went from 512mb to 1 gb,doing low demanding tasks
the difference not noticeable,
technotiger/chris what is so much quicker?

  [email protected] 16:43 21 Jun 2007

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Totally Braindead sums it up for you

  Technotiger 16:52 21 Jun 2007

I have certainly noticed a difference - I went from 512Mb to 2Gb .... mainly to play FSX Deluxe at its higher settings - it is great! Plus some other games that are much better with the higher RAM. But apart from games, everything does run quicker.
On start-up for instance, my screen with a self-taken photo as background and about 40 program icons, opens and refreshes INSTANTLY!

  thewasp 16:52 21 Jun 2007


What programs would you class as memory hungry?

  Technotiger 17:13 21 Jun 2007

You wouldn't really notice much difference if you were only doing low-demanding tasks, it is when you get into some games that the difference shows. surfing and everyday jobs like emailing or using Word would not show any significant difference. Serious video work would probably benefit, though I have only done a small amount of non-serious video.

  wee eddie 17:17 21 Jun 2007

XP will be using most of it.

An extra 512MB will make the world of difference.

Adding another 1GB on top of that would only make real sense if you were Gaming or editing Video.

However you say that you are editing Sound so I'd go for the whole 2GB as you may want to take on more complex tasks in the future

  sunny staines 17:21 21 Jun 2007

i upgaded from 512 ram to 1g running xp did not notice any improvement, used a desktop meter for a while and memory usage rarly went above 512.

unless you are a heavy user i would not bother.

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