Memory upgrade for Sony Vaio

  SonnyB 07:12 11 Oct 2006

I have a Vaio model number PCG-GRS515SP that currently has 512mb of RAM installed which I would like to increase to 1024. However, according to the manual 512mb is the max, which seems an unusually low restriction as the modules are so easy to access.
Has anyone increased their memory to beyond 512mb successfully on this model successfully?

  ArrGee 08:08 11 Oct 2006

From having Googled around a bit, it seems that this refers to the maximum memory per slot, not total, so you can have 1gb

click here

  SonnyB 08:29 11 Oct 2006

Sounds reasonable, thugh looking at the manual I am still not sure as it says 512mb is the max memory I can install.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:43 11 Oct 2006

Sony VAIO PCG-GR/GRS/GRT/GRV/GRX Models upgrades from
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I'd suggest you give Crucial a call and they will tell you for sure as well as provide top quality RAM.

  SonnyB 09:33 11 Oct 2006

I had already checked with the Crucial website and it comes up with 2x256mb modules which leads me to believe it will not take any more, which I still find odd. I may do as you say and give them a call.

  ed-0 10:32 11 Oct 2006

Sony say the max you can have is 2 X 256 = 512Mb. click here That is rather small for the notebook.

  ed-0 10:35 11 Oct 2006


If you click on the link " ( upgradable to 512 ) " it will show how and which sort of memory.

  SonnyB 10:45 11 Oct 2006

Do I read it correctly then, when it says the MAX per slot is 256mb, so 512mb is the max?
It does seem odd to limit it to this level.

  ed-0 11:15 11 Oct 2006

yes, thats what it means.

I agree it is a piffling amount for such a laptop.

  SonnyB 12:40 11 Oct 2006

Is it possible that 512mb is the max per slot as ArrGee suggested earlier?

  ArrGee 12:46 11 Oct 2006

After hunting around a bit more, it seems more likely that the total memory is going to be 512mb, i.e; 256 per slot.

This is a HP site that may be of some use to you
click here

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