memory upgrade query

  MAD_MIKE 22:13 28 Apr 2005

my pc has 2 mem slots,it came with 256 in one slotwith the other empty into which i have installed 512, now i would like to take out the 256 and replace it with 512. can this be done without loosing anything.the pc will take the 1024, checked with crucial.

yes you should be fine, my motherboard has 2 memory slots each with 512mb in and they run fine.

  goonerbill © ® 22:27 28 Apr 2005

everything will be fine, as long as your mobo supports 2 memory sticks of 512mb, upgrade away.

  DieSse 01:31 29 Apr 2005

Don't upgrade unless you are using WinXP - lower versions have issues with RAM over 512Mb.

  MAD_MIKE 21:26 02 May 2005

thanks folks,reasurance is good

  rolmes 18:19 15 Feb 2006

I am in the same position as MAD_MIKE, and wondered where the software programs, files etc. which are stored on one of the memory sticks go to in the interim between the old stick being removed and the new stick being installed? As you can tell I am a little concerned about removing the old stick and losing data.

  rmcqua 18:25 15 Feb 2006

There is nothing stored on the RAM memory sticks when the machine is switched off. Anything that was needed would be stored on the HDD whilst the machine was shutting down. Don't be concerned.

  hzhzhz 18:25 15 Feb 2006
  rolmes 18:41 15 Feb 2006

Thanks - link provided makes everything clear.

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