Memory upgrade problem

  Shas 12:43 14 May 2007

A friend’s computer – Dell 2350 series, XP Home, 2 Ghz but with only 128MB of memory. We checked with Crucial and the machine’s maximum is 1024, so she bought 2 x 512. She put them in and says the machine would not boot - no lights and no beeps (that she can remember hearing anyway), nothing. So she reinstalled the old 128 memory stick and the machine booted fine.

She also tried just one of the new memory sticks but still no joy. According to Crucial, it is the correct memory, (PC2700, backward compatible with PC2100 which is listed in her manual.)

I told her to try it again just in case she hadn’t seated the memory sticks properly, but if it doesn’t work this time, is there anything we should look out for?

  johndrew 14:42 14 May 2007

I don`t know Dell PCs at all, but most have 4 memory slots which are colour coded and should be used in pairs - I have no idea if it matters which pair first. Worth checking this.

  Shas 15:14 14 May 2007

Only two slots. As the two new sticks were the same size I assumed it wouldn't matter which one went in which slot?

  MAJ 15:22 14 May 2007

Looks like Dell recommend only PC2100 click here even though PC2700 is usually backward compatible.

  Shas 15:33 14 May 2007

"..... PC2700 is usually backward compatible."

That's what it says on Crucial's site - "... you can safely upgrade your system with any of the guaranteed-compatible DDR speeds listed below, even if your manual calls for PC1600 or PC2100 speeds."

She's never had to fiddle with the inside of her computer before, so she may not be seating them both right, but I'm a bit doubtful as everything worked OK when she put the old memory back in.

  sihart 16:15 14 May 2007

First thing to try is a bios update, download one from the Dell website.
PC2700 should work, but don't try and use it together with the PC2100 stick.
Do you know anybody else with a PC that accepts PC2700? if so test both the new ram sticks individually on that. It could well be duff.

click here

  MAJ 16:24 14 May 2007

I would phone Crucial (freephone: 0800 013 0330), explain the situation and get them to either, replace the PC2700 modules with PC2100 modules, or, refund your money and go for the Dell recommendation from Kingston. Having said that, I've bought shedloads of memory from Crucial and have never had any problems with any module.

  Shas 16:44 14 May 2007

Thanks for all the replies.

I've also bought from Crucial before with no problems, which is why I sent her down that route.

She's going to have another go at putting the new sticks in, probably tomorrow. If they still don't work I'll have a go at the BIOS update if we have time, before the 30 day refund is up.

Thanks again :o)

  Shas 13:11 15 May 2007

Just had one very sheepish friend on the phone - she was trying to put them in the wrong way round!

Thanks again to all :o)

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