Memory Upgrade Problem

  Sorted 12:38 26 Jun 2004

I currently have 512mb of RAM installed on AMD Athlon XP2000+ computer (XP Home) with 80gb harddrive - I tried to add an additional 512mb DDR(unbuffed) to the machine but although it registered the increase to 1GB, the computer crashed (blue screen/dumping physical memory to disc) - I believe that I have the correct module specification and that it is correctly installed i.e. in first slot and originals moved to 2nd and 3rd - is there some settings within the computer system or BIOS itself that I should be changing to make this sort of upgrade?

  carper 13:25 26 Jun 2004

I upgraded memory by obtaining the spec from Crucial with delivery the following day. Simply installed it in the blank slot and it recognised it without problem

  Sorted 13:35 26 Jun 2004

did teh same thing but unfortunately teh computer keeps crashing

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:39 26 Jun 2004

make sure sticks are inserted correctly try one at a time

  jakimo 13:47 26 Jun 2004

are all the memory modules the same type i.e pc2100\pc2700\pc3200 ?

  rickf 16:04 26 Jun 2004

What is your m/b. Some m/bs will only take up to 512 say DDR 3200 and so on. Have a look in your manual.I know this is the case with some ECS or Asrock m/bs.

  Sorted 16:24 26 Jun 2004

MSI m/b -The maximum total memory is 3gb (1gb perslot) - I think all memory modules are the same but I will need to check - what though is the difference between single sided and double sided?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:28 26 Jun 2004

single sided module has chips on one side only

i.e. 512mb + all 512 chips on one side

or 256mb one one side and 256 on other

  wee eddie 18:20 26 Jun 2004

If it is faulty, you should think about returning it.

But first:

Install your new RAM stick in the first slot with no other RAM present.

If this works. Close down and add the second stick, etc.

  Dorsai 18:30 26 Jun 2004

after installing memory I was onece told that for it to work you have to go into the bios at boot-up...then just save&exit with out making any changes. shouldn't do any harm...

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