memory upgrade problem

  1832bchs 17:14 14 Mar 2004

I am attempting to install 512MB SDRam in Elite Group Desknote 901 laptop. The machine can take 1GB of memory. However on booting up it will not get as far as Windows. The machine re-boots and then displays a "stop" screen, but too quickly to read. I know it is the correct memory and that it is functioning properly as I have tested it in another machine. Any suggestions will be very welcome.

  User-312386 18:30 14 Mar 2004

are you using any other type of memory with it?

to look at the "stop screen" hit the pause break key on the top right of the keyboard

  1832bchs 19:06 14 Mar 2004

No, I am trying to install it as a single stick. This is the second one I have tried in the machine. The first one generated the same fault but on that occasion I could read the "stop" screen. Microsoft Knowledge Base indicated it was a memory fault, so I bought the current stick, which as I have said, I know is OK. Is it possible for it to be a bios problem as the bios seems pretty old.

  slimbo51 19:46 14 Mar 2004

Having built many systems myself, most of the probs with memory are M/Board compatability.

The memory itself usually is ok but just will not work with a particular board (don't ask why I don't know the answer).

If you try the stick in a different board model even by the same manf, it will most often boot up straight away.

All I do to solve the prob myself is try different manf of mem till I get one which is alright.

  Fat Boy Whoosh 22:33 14 Mar 2004

This may seem like a silly question, but are you running Windows 98?
Having just tried in vain to add additional memory, I have found that '98 does not like in excess of 1Gb of RAM.
click here gives more info.

  1832bchs 22:49 14 Mar 2004

No, I'm running XP

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