memory upgrade - but PC does not work !

  Rodders 17:23 25 Feb 2006


My brother has just called me in crisis!

He's just swapped his 128meg memory for 2x512meg modules. it's PC2100 184 pin DDR 266MHz. the machine is win XP intel celeron.

when he switched on the PC the monitor showed a message which read:

"self test" on a green background
"check your pc & cable" on a red background
"monitor is working" on a blue background

there seems to be no way of getting passed this point.

also, after a short while the machine started making a dreadful rattling noise and the hard disk light was flashing constantly.

just put the old memory back in and everything is normal.

any clues on how to get this new RAM working?

  Freddog™ 19:04 25 Feb 2006

I need the full PC specs to help you out, pleas post them.
Try this: on the mobo there is a battery the CMOS battery, take this out for say 10-30 mins. This will reset the CMOS and come up with another error message pres F2(or any other key it states) to: "Load setup defaults" hopefully that'll help, if not I need your PC specs.

  malgall 19:25 25 Feb 2006

can your motherboard handle 1gb of memory
and is this the correct type

  Harpur 19:42 25 Feb 2006

you need to go to click here

  Harpur 19:43 25 Feb 2006

there is a tool to help you get the right memory

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