Memory upgrade - Now computer is rebooting...

  Unlucky Bob 03:54 14 Oct 2005

I recently upgraded the memory on my MSI 648 Max motherboard with an additional 1gb RAM (making 2gb in total. The manual says it will take up to 3gb of RAM max.

Now my computer is rebooting at random leaving me unable to use it as I would like (gaming mostly). I switched off the automatic restart feature and the BSOD tells me it stopped because of the error - PFN_LIST_CORRUPT.

Can anyone suggest what I do to fix this?

  AndySD 04:09 14 Oct 2005

click here looks like a Driver problem.

  gudgulf 10:07 14 Oct 2005

Try using the new memory by itself to see if if works ok.If it doesn't then either the memory is faulty ot it is incompatible with your other memory/motherboard.

Does the pc work ok if you run with only the original memory?

What memory are you using and in what combination (eg 2x 1GB sticks?)?

  Unlucky Bob 10:17 14 Oct 2005

Gudgulf. I had 2x512mb sticks in slots 1 and 2 with slot 3 free. I put the new 1gb stick in slot one and move the other 512 stick to slot 3 making a total of 2gb. Earlier I removed the memory from slot 3 giving me a total of 1.5gb through slots 1 & 2. Sounds confusing but the computer is a little more stable now....

I'm wondering if the additional memory has accentuated a few niggly problems I had with the computer before. I tried AndySD's suggestion of running verifier which has shown up a problem with a driver called iomdisk.sys, a driver that came with my external DVD writer. It says that this driver is trying to access memory beyond the end of it's allocation.

The DVD used to lock up every now and then but I could live with it.

What are your thoughts??

  Unlucky Bob 00:10 15 Oct 2005

Does anyone have any thoughts?

  Al94 09:50 15 Oct 2005

Download and run Memtest click here

  gudgulf 09:58 15 Oct 2005

For a start try uninstalling the external DVD players drivers temporarily and see if that improves things.

If you can run with the 1GB and 1x512MB stick,then I wonder if the memory controller on your board is struggling with all three sticks.I've looked through the manual for your motherboard and it doesn't list any preferred manufacturers or give any restrictions on the combinations you can own experience is that running with all slots full can be a bit taxing on the system.You might need to relax the memory timings a bit to get all three sticks to run together.

I don't know what the memory timings or speed ratings are but I would try this......Go into the BIOS and set your memory timings to manual.Now set the CAS latency one step up from the actual rating of your memory sticks.That is, if all your memory is CAS 2.5,set it to CAS 3 in BIOS and see if all three sticks will run together then.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:03 15 Oct 2005

Uninstall the driver and reinstall a new one from

  Unlucky Bob 15:39 20 Oct 2005

Apologies for the delay in replying, all will be explained...

I've uninstalled iomdisk.sys. The DVD writer is now working much better than it ever has so I'm happy about that at least.

I reinstalled the third 512 stick and got the
BSOD again. This time telling me that a driver for my modem was causing a problem (alcaudsl.sys). So, I uninstalled it, reinstalled it and then couldn't get the thing to work again for a few days!!!

Anyway, Memtest looks a bit too complicated for a numpty like me who can blitz their modem over nothing, so I changed the CAS latency from 2.5 to 3.

Unfortunately it didn't seem to work, with the BSOD happening again a few times, with various causes from none at all to one involving my antivirus software (Avast). I've gone back to the 1.5Gb configuration which not what I want but is at least stable enough for me to use the computer....

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