Memory upgrade for nforce2

  gdawg 16:51 29 Feb 2004

Hello All,

First, apologies if this subject has been addressed before, but I couldn't find any posts...

I am running and Evesham system, with an Athlon XP 2700+ and a Leadtek K7NCR18d-Pro motherboard (nforce2), currently with two 256MB PC2700 DIMMs, in DIMM slots 1 and 3 (I believe 3 is used rather than 2 because the second memory controller controls this slot, and the first controls slots 1 and 2?).

I'm looking into upgrading the RAM probably wiht Corsair memory (being a bit of a gamer, any performance boost is a bonus), but I'm unsure the best config for my system. I seem to recall that for this MOBO type, using RAM which has a straight multiplier of the FSB frequency will make the system faster because there won't be a bottleneck (so DDR333 PC 2700 is better than the DDR400 PC3200 for my PC which has FSB 166MHz). Is this the case, or would it be better to get the DDR400 memory? Also, if I get 2x512MB chips and place them in DIMM slots 1 and 3, will putting one of my original 256MB DIMMs in slot 2 effect the dual memory channel performance?

Anyone with any pertinent advice - I'd be most glad to hear it! (or read it, rather ;o) )

Many thanks

  hugh-265156 17:06 29 Feb 2004

click here and use the wizard to find compatable memory for your system.

i would go with normal crucial ram and get 512 or 1gig and save your pennys.unless your overclocking.

the price for the performance modules is very high and you may not even notice any difference in speed over normally priced ram.

  hugh-265156 17:10 29 Feb 2004

ps.your mobo manual will tell you what slots to use to run in dual channel mode.

purchase matched pairs.

  fitcher 17:43 29 Feb 2004

are you using a four slot mother board ?with dual memory slots ?ie 1-2 + 3-4 .(especialy for dual memory sticks, )ie matched pairs ..this shows on the post as-- now in dual memory mode ,,//because I could not get memory that would run in that way //.two single sided or two matched double// .I have ended up with a high quality expensive 512 single memory stick ,in slot one .and games run fine ,

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