Memory upgrade - is it worth it

  exprog 11:32 25 Oct 2005

Current machine has Athlon 64 3400 processor, with 2 x 512mb memory pc3200 modules. Machine used for general things but including video rendering.
My question is:- is it worth adding more memory, as I have 1 spare memory slot.
I have looked at several posts and some people say more memory is better, whereas others say upgrading past 1 GB is not worth it.
Your comments please..

  wee eddie 12:07 25 Oct 2005

Unless you are Video Rendering on an industrial scale.

Your Graphics Card is more crucial in such conditions.

  fazer 13:38 25 Oct 2005


I also do a lot of video editing and also photo-editing using Photoshop. I upgraded to 1.25Gb (from 512mb) and the improvement was outstanding and is more than adequate for these two needs.

So I agree with wee eddie - spend your money on something else.

  freaky 14:00 25 Oct 2005

I have an Athon 64 3500 processor, initially I had 2 X 250MB of Ram. Added a matching pair of 512MB sticks from Crucial giving a total of 1.5GB.

Made a big improvement to the speed of Bootup and Shudown. The price of RAM is reasonably low at present hence my opting for a 1024MB upgrade, but I think if I had upgraded to a total of 1024MB instead, then the outcome would have been the same.

  hssutton 14:36 25 Oct 2005

I use Photoshop CS2. Prior to today running with 1Gb ram at times this would slow to a crawl when editing large image files (100-150Mb). This morning I installed a further 1Gb, the improvement is tremendous. 14:48 25 Oct 2005

It really depends on how you feel about it - more memory almost always increases performance but at above 1gig are you really going to notice it for what your using. Personally I wouldn't bother.

  Totally-braindead 15:36 25 Oct 2005

I'm afraid I wouldn't bother either, from what I can recall on an article on the subject, once you reach 1 gig adding more memory would increase performance by less than 5%. Waste of cash I'm afraid, save your money and buy something else.

  exprog 15:49 25 Oct 2005

Thanks for your comments. It seems that 1GB is plenty and I will save my cach.

  exprog 15:49 25 Oct 2005

Sorry that should read CASH

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