memory upgrade help an advice needed

  jaybee67 14:42 31 Jan 2003

At the minute, I'm running Win98 with 64MB of RAM on an Intel CeleronA 366MHz processor, an MSI mobo, with a Sound Blaster 5.1 Live and a Prophet 4500 graphics card. My HD has 4.0 GB, of which 28% is free, and I'm running FAT32.

I need more memory.

There are two slots for two sticks of memory (max 256MB).

There is a sticker on each stick saying PC66, and there are 144 gold pins on each stick.

My question is this:

Can I put in two 128MB 144 pin PC100 memory sticks, and have my pc still working? After searching hardware stores, and the web, I cant find anyone selling PC66's anymore. Someone told me I could use 100's, but the memory wouldnt run at 100, but rather 66. Is this feasable/correct?

Thanks for your advice/help

  Joe McG 14:53 31 Jan 2003

spot on bud, the 256Mb will run at Pc66 instead of Pc 100. When all is said and done, you would not really notice a great difference between Pc100 and Pc66.
Regards. Joe.

  Joe McG 15:02 31 Jan 2003

You can get the exact requirements here.
Also you would maybe get a bigger boost for your system with a new H/D. click here

  jaybee67 15:02 31 Jan 2003

Thanks Joe McG, can feel a hole burnin in my pocket right now. Later....

  jaybee67 13:30 06 Feb 2003


My last post, I was enquiring bout memory upgrades. In the end I bought 2 128MB 144 pin SDRAM sticks, and installed them in my pc.

I have noticed a significant improvement, however, upon bootup, NVRAM says I have 512MB installed, Device Manager and DXDiag both report 512MB too.

My math aint great, but the two 128MB sticks, should add upp to 256MB shouldnt they? I bought the memory from PCWorld, and the geezer on the till said "hang on, that price cant be right", but ended up charging me around £39, which was what 2 128MB's would have cost.

Have I ended up with a great deal here?

Suggestions welcome.

(If it is a great deal and mistake by PCWorld, I bought the sticks from the Boston, Lincs store lol go get some!!!)

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