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  celticwardog 20:18 16 Nov 2007

hello all, pleeeeeeeeeease help. I thought I would have the bright idea to upgrade my memory, how stupid I obviously am. Here is a link to my motherboard Annoyingly it dosn't tell you the memory standard but it does state that you can only use DDR400/333 modules. I did the crucial scan and it says I have PC2-5200 installed or I can upgrade to 3200,2700 or 4000. I have looked at the actual memory from the mobo and it is PC2-4300 533??? Everything i am looking at contradicts the other, I have already bought 4 1 gb strips (manaul says board max memory is 4gb) of PC3200 DDR400 but they do not fit, the centre notch does not line up in either direction. This can retunred and swapped from the ebay seller i got it from but I don't know what to ask for instead. I expect I am being thick but i do not understand, please help.

  celticwardog 20:20 16 Nov 2007

sorry, the installed memory is PC2-4200, not 4300 as previously stated

  celticwardog 19:47 19 Nov 2007

Seems I wasnt being entirely thick. The issue is my mobo only takes DDR2 memory. Other users beware, the crucial memory scan is recommended byt this and other forums, IT LIES! In hindsight its probably a good thing that I had DDR instead of DDR2 because the frequency as reccomnded by the scan was also wrong, had it have fitted it may have damaged my system!

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