memory upgrade

  learner2003 18:28 26 May 2003

i just bought my pc last week from computer world and i asked was the ram one stick of 512 or 2x 256 well they said 1x 512 well today i went and bought a 256 for it knowing my pc has to slots and i thought one would be empty but when i got back and opened up my pc there was 2x 256 i phoned the shop and said what are they going to do about it and they said nothing phone customer seveice but there closed today and they will help you tommorow and i would have to take my pc to head office thats 200 miles away is there any other way to sort this out

  Jomi 18:36 26 May 2003

You are entitled to rely on the information you are given at the point of sale.
Computer world? That's Time computers right?

  learner2003 18:40 26 May 2003

yes that is right they said they dont stock 512 to sort it out

  wee eddie 20:53 26 May 2003

Have you got anything more than your memory to prove that they said that the memory was in a single stick.

It's unlikely that you will have to take the PC to a Service Centre, as the mail is more likely to be the delivery method of choice.

However, without proof of their statement, you are at the goodwill of their PR Department!

  learner2003 21:07 26 May 2003

no i dont have it on paper but i do have three people that where there to hear it so i dont care what they say they can sort it out for me i have had problems from the start with them and if they wish to start then trading standards are very nice people lol

  wee eddie 22:28 26 May 2003

I don't wish to preach but if you go into Trading Standards with that outlook, even they will probably not help you.

You need to step back and plan your campaign very carefully, if you are to succeed against the odds.

  Despicable Desperado 22:49 26 May 2003

You don't have a leg to stand on - if the computer was to have 512mb then that's what they supplied. If they do it with one or two chips that's up to them just so long as you got what you paid for. Trading Standards won't help in this case.

  [email protected] 02:15 27 May 2003

Am I still right in thinking that there is no real performance benifit to upgrading past 512mb or am I living in the past?

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