Memory Upgrade

  johnincrete 06:04 30 Jan 2009

Crucial sees that I have no spare slots, the 4 being filled each with 250Mb. It recommends swapping to 4 X 2Gb to give 8Gb but then informs me that my 32bit version of XP will only support 3Gb.
My alternatives seem to be to use 4 x 1Gb or upgrade to a 64-bit version of XP.
Question 1: what type of computer activity/processes would benefit with more memory?
Question 2: What version of XP is 64bit and where will I get it from?

  3gboosterman 06:13 30 Jan 2009

Can you give some idea as to what spec. your system is? ie CPU, GPU and Mother Board etc...

For most of us, 3 gigs is plenty.
4 gigs on your 32 bit XP will be overkill and even more so for 8 gigs.

If your system is a low end spec one, you might just want to stick to 2gigs of ram.

Even if you upgrade to 64bit XP, is the rest of your system going to bottleneck it?
ie like a 5 litre engine in a car with a small exhaust and weak drive train.

Games and graphic intense apps. would benefit from more memory.

  Bris 21:00 30 Jan 2009

Any 32 bit operating system can only use about 3.5Gb of memory including Vista. Swapping your operating system for a 64 bit version so that you can use more than 3.5Gb is a bit like putting the cart before the horse. 64 bit versions are not as well supported as 32 bit versions from manufacturers and software writers so you are likely to get problems with drivers etc.
If you still want to go ahead then any supplier that sells the 32 bit version of XP will probably also sell the 64 bit version. Also bear in mind that as XP is now considered "obsolete" by software and hardware manufacturers they are unlikely to waste time creating new routines for 64 bit XP.

  MAT ALAN 22:17 30 Jan 2009

Why do you all of a sudden want vast amounts of memory XP works superbly on 2gigs my PC only has 1.5 and it fly's its a matter of getting everything balanced and optimised.
Unless of course you are video editing or running 20 progs at a time...

  Danoh 23:49 30 Jan 2009

Agree with MAT ALLAN

  cream. 23:56 30 Jan 2009

Question 1 You may need more than 2Gb for
modern gaming and large video/photo editing. 2Gb is fine for most XP machines.

Question 2

It is XP64bit click here This allow 64bit addressing which means it can use large ammounts of memory.

  johnincrete 07:35 31 Jan 2009

The concensus is to leave it alone so why does Crucial give bad advice?
What I really want is a real expert to take my computer and give it a 10,000 mile service cus there is too much I don't know.
Thanks everybody

  Bris 18:23 31 Jan 2009

Crucial makes memory so its in its own interest to flog as much of it as it can.

  MAT ALAN 18:37 31 Jan 2009

Crucial give bad advice?

Crucial makes memory so its in its own interest to flog as much of it as it can.

Crucial do not give bad advice it is realistically the only place to go their scanning system is tried and tested and gives you exactly the info you need to replace and upgrade your memory...

Of course they want to sell memory and they do, LOTS of it thats what their good at...

johnincrete hope we have managed to save you a bit of money, at which time you do decide to upgrade their are many on here that will offer sound advice

click here
If you want to speed your pc up a bit try running progs in the link on a regular basis if you have the option to "backup" why not format and reinstall your O/S, changing your Page file settings will help as well

click here

tweekui may help as well...

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