Memory Upgrade

  myanmarboy 16:35 08 Aug 2007

I would like to do a memory upgrade but have run into a problem. My mobo is a P4S5A with a Pentium 4 processor.OS is XP Home. I currently have installed a total DDR memory of 768mb (1 x 512 plus 1 x 256). According to the mobo booklet there are 2 DDR DIMM sockets and 2 SDRAM sockets (can't be mixed or used simultaneously) supporting a Max of 2.0 gb. I was hoping to replace the 256 mb stick with a 1gb to give me a total of 1.5gb.
When I did a Crucial scan it said that I already had the maximumum memory installed. I cannot understand this as I would expect to at least be able to replace the 256mb with a 512mb
I have emailed Crucial but have not had a response.
All help would be appreciated.

  beeuuem 16:59 08 Aug 2007

You could try 'phoning if you are in a hurry.
Crucial Headquarters
Customer Service

0800 013 0330
They work till 7.30pm ans are always very helpful.

  wee eddie 18:26 08 Aug 2007

Don't use the Auto Check.

Fill in the MoBo Details and follow that route. You will need both Maker and Model Number.

  cream. 19:04 08 Aug 2007

change the 256Mb stick for a 1Gb stick click here

The memory scan is not allays correct. It once suggested that my machine with two dimm slots could take 16Gb of memory:-)

  myanmarboy 21:05 08 Aug 2007

Percy Vere,
Thanks for the link. Just one concern, in the Manufactureres Specification box, Right Hand Side, 8th Line down it says :-
Max component density 512 mbs. Don't understand this if "the best" reccommended upgrade is the 1gb stick.

  myanmarboy 19:40 13 Aug 2007

Many thanks to all who responded. I spoke with Crucial who assured me the mobo would take a
1 gig module in each slot and everything went to plan.
Like Beeuuem I found the Crucial team very helpful. I opted for the free delivery (2-5 days) through the post, and the module came through my letter box the following morning.

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