Memory Upgrade 2100 to 3200

  sharpamat 18:47 10 Dec 2007

Having a four year old Medion running 512 DDR PC2100 i was thinking of upgrading.

Would a DDR 1gb of PCI 3200 be backward comp and work ??

  MAJ 19:06 10 Dec 2007

Run the scanner at this site and it will tell you which memory is compatible with your comp. click here

  sharpamat 19:17 10 Dec 2007

Thanks I know which one I need and the scan of Crucial returns an incorrect reading of the Medion showing three banks not two.

All I am looking for is information as to is PCI 3200 is backwards comp with PCI2100

  MAJ 19:24 10 Dec 2007

What's the name and model number of the Medion?

PC 3200 is USUALLY backward compatible, but it depends on the motherboard. If all is OK the 3200 will operate at the slower speed though, so is there a specific reason why you're going for PC 3200 rather than PC 2100?

  sharpamat 19:36 10 Dec 2007

Its a Microstar powerpro 2600 and the board is a micro-star internat 6701 but many companies modify the boards when they buy in bulk.

the reason is both price and availability. I can get the 3200 cheaper than sending away for the 2100.

Whilst PC world do stock the 512 Pci 2100 is a third dearer than the 3200 elsewhere

  mrwoowoo 19:43 10 Dec 2007

pc3200 will run with the pc2100 with no probs but as MAJ says it will run at 266mhz and not the 400mhz at which the pc3200 runs at.
If the 3200 is cheaper it is the best option as later on you could by another stick of pc3200 if you wish and ditch the pc2100 off to ebay.

  MAJ 19:47 10 Dec 2007

I see what you mean, sharpamat. It's impossible to say if the PC3200 will be backward compatible in your specific system, although as I say, it usually is. It might be better to phone Crucial and ask, they'll know for sure or give you a guaranteed replacement if it doesn't. Freephone 0800 013 0330

  sharpamat 18:44 17 Dec 2007

Sorry for getting back, and to answer points raised and possable checks in future.I am now marking this resolved

the PCI3200 is backwards compatable with this system .

I would not be able to add another MG at a later date. because this board has only two slots and they can only use upto 512 in each so 1mg is max.

Its possable a Bios update may change this figure but but I feel doubtfull. and the problems which can be associated with flashing the bios i dont feel worth the risk.

So many thanks Good Xmas and all the best in the new year.

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