memory upgrade

  aquarius55 19:01 25 Apr 2005

I have a pc 266 m/b m810lmr with 1 gig K7 athlon
at the moment I have 128 pc 100 memory.
I wish to up grade the memory for XP
If I upgrade to 516 pc100 cost £96 which will give me 644 of pc100
Or should I just upgrade to 512 pc133 cost £56

  StainlessStan 19:11 25 Apr 2005

It depends whether you wish to replace your memory or add modules. PC133 is slightly faster but your computer will run at the slowest rate if you mix them.

  Rayuk 19:36 25 Apr 2005

I would be tempted to go the ebay route for PC133 512Mb

  aquarius55 20:02 25 Apr 2005

Thankyou stainless stan but I do appreicate you cannot mix the two different rams.
thanks rayuk hadn't thought about that.
It still does't answer the question

  aquarius55 20:30 25 Apr 2005

sorry stainless stan I looked at my responce and thought it was out of order I do appreiciate? (no spel check) your responce

  StainlessStan 20:42 25 Apr 2005

That's ok aquarius. BTW You can mix but I agree with Rayuk. I have used crucial in the past and they are excellent.

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