Memory upgrade

  inneedofhelp 13:23 28 Nov 2004

Sys specs, asus k8v se deluxe mobo, A64 3000,x800 xt pe .

I want to by 1GB of ram for my pc. I have two qestions
1/My mobo manual states it can handle memorry running at PC3200. Can I buy ram that runs faster than this eg PC3500. I know it wont run at that sped but will it work?

2/Please advise which memory you would buy which is compatible with my hardware if money was NO object. I like the look of GeIL 512MBx2 PC3500 Golden Dragon CAS2.5 (GD3500-512V) (MY-008-GL)

thnaks for all your help, and please give comments on the above memory and any others

  inneedofhelp 13:35 28 Nov 2004


  Belatucadrus 13:43 28 Nov 2004
  palinka 13:57 28 Nov 2004

have you had a look at click here? There's a system in that site that will tell you what WILL work on your particualr pc. You could then look for that elsewhere/more cheaply.

  Rayuk 13:59 28 Nov 2004

Have you checked in your manual re memory whereby if you fill all 3 slots the memory will only run at PC2700.
Have seen this mentioned elsewhere best checking first.
Will have a look see if I can find the link

  inneedofhelp 19:04 28 Nov 2004

hey dont plan to fill 3 slots, just two 512mb

  Rayuk 19:48 28 Nov 2004

Then you are ok didnt know whether you were going to add to what was already in.

  sidecar sid 23:23 28 Nov 2004
  inneedofhelp 23:33 30 Nov 2004

hey guys, i went for the platinum oz 1gb stuff.

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