memory upgrade

  intel 19:28 22 Nov 2004

i wish to buy new memory but which one do i buy?

  Buchan 35 19:39 22 Nov 2004

Okay, lets start at the beginning. Tell us about your computer and what is the motherboard?

  intel 19:47 22 Nov 2004

time computer nvidia nforce albatron km189 pro

  intel 19:49 22 Nov 2004

it says ram slots 3ddr dimm is this the name of the memory?

  Dorsai 19:55 22 Nov 2004

Sorry intel, but that is still a bit too scetchy.

There are shed loads, and i mean SHED loads of differennt types of memory, and some PC's can also not like memory from certian makers, even if it is supposedly the right type.

try click here and folow the on screen guide to finding what you need.

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