Memory Upgrade

  Ritchbee 22:32 23 Oct 2004

Going to be putting some more Ram.

512Mb to 1Gb

Do I need to alter anything on the Bios ?

If so, how ???

What should I be careful off.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:48 23 Oct 2004

Make sure memory is compatible with your motherboard check at

Switch off and unplug

wear an antistatic wrist band

insert correctway round

check fully inserted in slot (needs firm push but don't force) end clips should locate easily if fully inserted.

when you reboot should count up to 1G without changing anything in BIOS.

If refuses to boot and beeps at you then not inserted correctly or faulty memory stick.

Best of Luck (you shouldn't really need it)

  LastChip 22:53 23 Oct 2004

Only do it if your running Win2K or XP.

All the older systems do not play well with more than 512MB.

This can be overcome by using a memory manager, but you won't detect any significant advantage.

  Laser157 23:08 23 Oct 2004

Also don't make the mistake I just made. I bought a second stick of Kingston PC133 memory which had EXACTLY the same part number as the one I already had. But it's not the same - older one is double- sided and new one is single. I understand it's much better not to mix them.

Not a total disaster as I have another use for the newer stick on it's own. However I think this is a really poor bit of product identification by a reputable company like Kingston.

  Ritchbee 23:19 23 Oct 2004

Last Chip

Using XP so should be ok


  Daxsimus 23:41 23 Oct 2004

I've just upgraded. Used crucial they told me what I needed. received quickly installed in less than 5 mins all perfect.
Good luck

  Ritchbee 21:43 31 Oct 2004

OK - Added my extra 512Mb of Ram.

I've run a system test using PC Pitstop whih tells me that I now have 1024Mb.

Is there any other of confirming this change has actually happened ?.

Many thanks

  Alex-188000 21:57 31 Oct 2004

The system check should be enough evidence that it is installed okay but if you want to make sure then there is a program, of which i think is on the DVD/CD on one of the past issues, called RAMbooster, it shows you how much RAM you have and how much is being used. I think its a very useful tool. Here it is if you dont have the DVD/CD. click here

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