Memory Testing

  spuds 13:16 29 Nov 2006

Can you recommend a good and reliable simple to use memory test procedure or download, preferably freeware.

Would faulty memory cause blue screen or very slow initial starting?.

I believe I tried MemTest once, and it kept crashing the computer?.

  De Marcus™ 13:18 29 Nov 2006
  Terry Brown 14:44 29 Nov 2006

Do a google for MEMTEST86. There are two versions, one to run from Floppy and the other (in case you have no floppy) to run from CD.

  spuds 17:46 01 Dec 2006

I just not understand this. Again I have downloaded MemTest to a floppy and onto the hard-drive. Both came back as successful download, yet in making attempts to use the floppy etc, I get error messages, which will not allow me to use the facility. Think I will give it up as a bad job.

Thanks De Marcus and Terry Brown for your help, and for answering this post.

  Terry Brown 11:05 03 Dec 2006

The only other option seems to be either [1] A loose or bad connection to the motherboard or IDE device (or SATA drive), or a Trogan and /or a virus.

Have you checked in device manager for any yellow (error ) markers?

Have you tried disconnecting all external USB's etc, as this may be causing a power drain on your system, if this cures it, the solution is a new power pack (PSU).


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