Memory Test

  nockpile 12:15 21 Nov 2004

GRRRR!!! How do I get rid of the dreaded 'Memory Test' on start-up.I have read the relevant articles in Help Room but to no avail. I run Win 98se on a MS motherboard with Award bios, in the Bios Features Setup at Quick Power on Self Test 'enable or 'disable has no effect. I know I can hit ESC to curtail the run, but what a pain. Any advice would be welcome ( except the dustbin, I've already thought of that) Gratefully NOCKPILE

  pj123 12:37 21 Nov 2004

I have just done a reboot to check my memory test time and it is almost instant. There is no way I could get to the esc key in time.

What is your system spec? Mine is Athlon XP 2000 processor, 256mb sdram pc133, 80gb hard drive running win98SE.

  nockpile 15:40 22 Nov 2004

to:-pj123. The set-up is Win 98se with an AWARD bios,CELERON 500 processor and DIMM memory modules.If I hit 'RESTART' instead of 'SHUT DOWN' the memory information doesn't appear at all.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:48 22 Nov 2004

There should be an option in your BIOS to disable the memory check.

  pj123 15:55 22 Nov 2004

Yes, that is correct. A "Restart" is a warm reboot and does not check the memory. You only get a memory check on a "cold" start ie. from first boot up.

I think you have to live with what you have. DIMM memory is quite old and very slow, we are now on DDR memory modules so even my SDRAM memory is getting old.

  Whaty 18:54 22 Nov 2004

Out of curiosity, how much RAM do you have and how long does the memory test actually take.?

I've got a P3 450, 256Mb RAM, Award BIOS and the memory test takes about 2 seconds, 'maybe' 3.

  intel 19:23 22 Nov 2004

i wish to upgrade my memory how do i know which one to buy?

  Diodorus Siculus 22:47 22 Nov 2004

intel - a new posting would be your best bet.

Do you know your motherboard manufacturer: click here
Everest witll ID it for you.

Then go to and enter your details. It will tell you what you need.

  nockpile 22:52 22 Nov 2004

Diodorus Siculus
I believe that is so but what is it called? I've tried the most likely sounding items.
Whaty:- I have 320MB of memory I purchased extra at a low price. From hitting the start button, if allowed to run through it takes about 35 seconds, doesn't sound a lot but it adds to the overall start-up time.
Intel:- Check your Motherboard handbook, that should provide you with the right type and capacity.
pj123:-They say patience is a virtue but it can be irritating.

  Whaty 21:50 23 Nov 2004

35 seconds does seem a lot. I'd be tempted to try different combinations of memory, ie: remove a stick and try again, put that stick back, remove another and try again, etc. etc. I'm not really qualified to comment on this but could it be a poor quality memory stick.?

  pj123 00:35 26 Nov 2004

Yes, 35 seconds seems an awful long time to me as well. I have just been to someone who has a 200mhz processor with 128mb SIMM memory and the "memory test" only takes about 5 or 6 seconds to run. I would suspect the response from Whaty is about right. With your processor and memory we should be looking at about 10 to 12 seconds at the most.

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