Memory stick or CD burner; which is best choice

  Matata 18:59 17 Sep 2006

What is the difference between a memory stick and a CD burner? I have Nero 6 reloaded but find it rather cumbersome (labeling and storing CD's etc.)Would a memory stick make storing and saving more simple?
Your experiences would be much appreciated.

  SANTOS7 19:07 17 Sep 2006

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The diferences are plainly obvious as you will see in the links, it would much depend on what you intend to store and save as to which removable media you use.
The obvious advantage of a memory stick for files and the like is you can carry it around with you and share the info from what-ever/where-ever you have a PC at your disposal..

  sean-278262 19:17 17 Sep 2006

I would personally take a memory stick. At 12.99 for 1Gb it is an ideal alternative to the older floppy and much easier to use than a CDr or rw.

The other advantage is that memory sticks are much faster than burning a CDr any PC running XP, windows ME or 2000, Mac OS 9 or 10 and most linux systems so no need to try to work out how to burn on other peoples PCs. For £20 you could get a 1gb pen drive and a 512mb one. They are usually good for about 10 years for data retention and last for about 10000writes. I no longer use cds to move files from place to place. I have a 2gb drive which I picked up a few months ago that I use and before that a 256mb one when that size was starting to come to the fore.

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4gb version of the one I have for £40 is an absolute bargain.

  Jak_1 19:31 17 Sep 2006

It all depends upon what you want to do with the data, if you need to save it then a DVD burner is the better option but if the data is transient then the memory stick is the one to use. Given that a DVD will store 4GB with room to spare for as little as 37P compared to a 1GB memory stick at £12 and a DVD burner costing around £30 well ...

  Matata 20:53 17 Sep 2006

Very many thanks. Your answers were of great help.
I shall step out first thing to morrow and buy one

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