Memory speed and music file question....

  Phil930 20:39 11 Jan 2003
  Phil930 20:39 11 Jan 2003

i saw a pc advertised the other day, the specs i want to pic up on are......Athlon XP 2400, mobo supporting DDR 333 and 512 pc2700 DDR.

without being a technical wizard this made me wonder what speed the memory would operate at. it has the capacity for 2.7Gb p/s i know, and the motherboard supports this. however, the processor there is only a 266 FSB processor, therefore does this limit the speed of the RAM to 2.1Gb p/s (pc2100). surely (in my head) for the ram to work at pc2700 speed it requires the new 333FSB Athlon processors starting with the XP2600! am i correct??

second point is completely different...

i have a continous music file copied onto my pc from a cd, its a club mix recorded as 1 whole song 72mins long, not independent tracks. i want to extract or copy just the first 20 secs of the beginning of the mix. how can i do this?

the only music software i have is WMP9 and Nero, and any other feature that would be in Win XP Pro. so, how can i take copy the first part of this mp3 file so i can send the beat to someone through messenger!!

Thank you..

  leo49 20:44 11 Jan 2003

Query 2 - I always Mp3Directcut - free from here;

click here


  Phil930 20:53 11 Jan 2003

is that software good?? will it do anything that will, how shall i say it, piss me off!

i will give it a whirl, thankyou!

anyone else any info on query 1??

  leo49 20:56 11 Jan 2003

It's totally useless - why else would I use and recommend it? :o)

  Phil930 21:50 11 Jan 2003

sarcastic *******!!!

it appears quite good, just mastering the short learning curve to use it now!


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