Memory for Sony laptop - is it worth it ?

  alpeshxp 12:55 11 Feb 2007

Own a one year old Sony FS M series laptop Intel Pentium M 740 1.7Ghz w 512mb and running Win XP

Am considering upgrading memory by adding 512mb (£34 from Crucial) bring it to 1mb and wondered if it is worth it in terms of improving performance

Mainly use laptop for surfing net and running MS Office apps, minimum games usage even though laptop comes with decent graphics card installed NVidia GeForce

Dont intend to upgrade to Vista yet but may do after a year or so

Can any seasoned pc users offer advice??

  bennyhillslovechild 13:01 11 Feb 2007

If and when you upgrade to Vista, then yes it would be handy....but otherwise, unless you feel it's a needed upgrade for your computer usage, you might as well save the money.

  ed-0 13:05 11 Feb 2007

If you have a spare memory slot, then adding the extra ram is well worth it for £34. Loading windows and opening applications will be faster. You should find that you hardly ever get the hour glass waiting as try to open an application. Anyway, thats what I find.

The question is if you have that spare slot. Most manufacturers use both slots, so you may have 2 X 256Mb of ram.

Either post the model number of the laptop or run cpu-z to see the exact specifications of the ram in your here

  fitcher 13:10 11 Feb 2007

if you look on crucial .for correct memory .as I did ,for my upgrade to 1000 ,, .my laptop mem , connsisted of two 256 making up the 512 .. as they say it runs better on two modules .I ditched my two 256, for two 512s ..for £64 (it has dropped diring the past few weeks ) I think that is a worthwhile uograde and cheap at that , two matched are best for me

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