memory slot malfuction

  chippy+ 23:30 01 Jan 2007

i have just had a foxcon motherboard fitted by a reputable dealer i took it home installed wxp home updates,and motherboard drivers the memory was 512 3200 400 & 256 2700 333 i new that the memory would fall to 333 but the amount of memory came to just 384, on taking out the 256 in slot 2 and leaving the 512 3200 400 i got continious beebs, changing the memory into slot 2 the pc started to boot i bought a new i gig memory it did not work in slot 1 but worked in slot 2 the question is what could be wrong with slot i thanks Chippy

  Totally-braindead 23:33 01 Jan 2007

Is it a dual memory board? I suggest you check the manual and the Foxconn website for info.

  User-312386 23:46 01 Jan 2007

go to click here download the mobo manual and you will see that slot 2 dimm1 is for single channel and for 2 sticks you have to put both in dimm0 and dimm2

  chippy+ 00:26 02 Jan 2007

hi Totally-braindead and madboy33©® thanks for the reply i will read over the manual i did read before of one board where you had to install the memory in one particular slot ist my motherboard has has 2 blue amd 2 black slots i asked the pc chap why he placed the memory where it was and he said he liked to place it away from the processor thanks again i will let you know what happens Chippy

  Totally-braindead 00:31 02 Jan 2007

chippy+ if it turns out the PC has dual memory and there isn't another option except to run it in dual memory mode as far as I know you will need to use pairs of memory. When I say pairs I mean exact duplicates of each other same size etc and in my computer at least the two blue go together and the two black go together.
I have 2 x 512mb running in the blue slots I think it is, in dual memory mode.

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