Memory shortage

  Ravenna 18:57 19 Jul 2004

Over the last few days - I've been unable to open more than one application/prog at a time. ie: I connect to internet (dial-up), check emails on Outlook Express, then if I try & open IE or Word etc - I get a message saying 'Warning - not enough memory'. I get various warning messages. Sometimes it's 'Resources are seriouly low'. The machine is also constantly freezing - as it seems to be struggling with any task.
Is this likely to be a fault with my RAM?
I have 800 processor, 60HD 128 RAM, Windows ME.
Former Tiny machine (Jan 2000) - have had just about everything, bar the RAM replaced over the last two years.
Or could it be my processor going again?
Any help please.

  leo49 19:07 19 Jul 2004

Could be the "corrupt" problem. Search for it, rename it[Word will create another]and reboot.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:23 19 Jul 2004

1. Clear your internet cache and temporary files

2. Spyware could be using your system resources
Anti Spyware :-
Spywareblaster click here
Adaware click here
Spybot S&D click here
a2 click here
Ccleaner click here

  Dorsai 19:32 19 Jul 2004

I used to run a Duron 1Ghz with 320Mb, upgraded to 512Mb, and in the end i gave up trying to sort out why it kept running out of memory when i was doing next to nothing, and built myself a new PC with 1Gig ram.

try click here for a free program that tries to make ME free up some memory. I used it for a while, till all the bits for my new PC had arrived., and it helped.

Also try Ad-aware, Spybot Search and destroy, etc, to make sure yu have no nasties on your PC using up resorces.

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