Memory question

  ineedalabotomy 21:20 05 Jan 2008

I would like to add more memory ! my question is does it make any difference if i add 2x 512mb or 1gb ? as i can get a good deal on 1gb....thanks

  cream. 21:48 05 Jan 2008

IF your computer uses dual channel memory and IF you have two memory slots available. The 2 x 512Mb of ram would be faster. If not, just put in the 1Gb.

  ineedalabotomy 01:06 06 Jan 2008

Thanks for your reply Percy.Mobo(foxcon 6150K8MA-8EKRS) has dual channel & has two spare slots,thinking of these ! click here Same make as existing ram.

  DieSse 22:02 06 Jan 2008

Personally, just to make as sure as possible for avoiding lack of stability between the old and new RAM - I would fit 2x1GB modules, and sell off the existing RAM.

Dual channel RAM can be very touchy about mixing and matching modules which aren't quite identical.

You may think my suggestion over-careful - but I can assure you that following simple tough rules like this, results time after time in stable systems which don't get nasty quirky problems.

  Bobby 21:51 08 Jan 2008

What ever you do, don't buy cheap generic memory modules. I have had faulty RAM twice in the last few years and it causes the most frustrating problems! Buying direct from someone like Crucial is not much more expensive, and you know it has been properly tested and should come with a life-time guarantee.

  mazuk 10:35 10 Jan 2008

If you are using some form of DIMM,i would reccommend using 512mb x2 as this will give more bandwidth then using 1 x 1gb

  ineedalabotomy 12:57 10 Jan 2008

Thanks for your replies, i have ordered 2x 512MB Kingston Value RAM from cclonline. Hope thes will be ok ?

  Totally-braindead 16:29 10 Jan 2008

I hope this memory is compatible with your motherboard. If not then you will have no end of problems. Crucial guarantee their memory will work thats one of the reasons they were suggested earlier.

  ineedalabotomy 20:01 10 Jan 2008

Managed to find user's manual, says supports up to 2 DDR devices,DDR-266/333/400. max memory size 2GB. Does it matter what make they are, providing they match this spec ?

  tonyt1151 21:03 10 Jan 2008

I used 2x512mb from PCWorld. Had to take them out and return them - they kept crashing my PC. In future I will take advice and only use decent items ie ones from Crucial

  cream. 21:49 10 Jan 2008

"Managed to find user's manual, says supports up to 2 DDR devices,DDR-266/333/400. max memory size 2GB."

Your motherboard should have 4 slots and take up to 4Gb of memory. click here

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